Thanksgiving in Idaho

This year we were able to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Idaho! It was so fun seeing everyone!We had tons of fun riding their dirt bike in the big fields behind their home and making our Thanksgiving Feast!
The continuous ping pong battle in the basement was one of the main activities at the house. I thought for sure some some kind of fight would break out after all the matches that were won an lost (i've never seen my cousins, brother and husband so into a game! lol).

Little Noah is so big now! Last time i saw him, he was two weeks old and so tiny! Now he's almost 17 months old and he's turning into a little man (and totally adorable by the way)! Caden and him had a great time playing together handing each other toys and Noah being soft (he would gently touch Caden's cheek :) so cute). Shelley had great news..... she's pregnant with twins!!! yay! and Tessa is 27 weeks pregnant with a little boy! So many babies in the family!! Anyways we had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we hope all of you did too!


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