Little Messy Man

Caden is officially 6 months old as of January 25th!!  I decided to wait to feed him baby food until now, and oh boy.. i've been pretty excited to start! Our first try was with Apple and Banana, it definitely wasn't his favorite.. and then that night he spit up twice and had a fever. I thought it might have been an allergic reaction, but he ended up being sick for a few days so i'm pretty sure it wasn't allergies. Our second try was just plain bananas. I have been letting him try fresh mashed bananas for a few months and he really likes them. The baby food bananas is a little different reaction. Haha, he pulled a pretty bad pucker face but after a few bites he really seemed to like it! He also loves to drink water out of a regular cup, so i give him a few bites and let him drink out of the cup. By the end of his meal the water is totally disgusting and full of back wash! The hardest thing with the baby food has to be keeping their hands and face clean. Caden kept rubbing his eyes and got it right between his eyebrows and all over his face. Its so much fun seeing him grow and progress. I love this little boy with all my heart!


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