A New Kind of Christmas

This year was a first for a lot of things, Mine and Taylors first Christmas as husband and wife, Caden's first Christmas,  and for me.. Christmas with a new family.  It was so fun to be a part of new traditions and introduce Taylor to some of mine! Both of Taylor's sisters and their families came out for Christmas this year so we spent the holidays at the Van Leeuwen's home. Christmas Eve we had a big party with friends and family.  We had dinner with amazingfood, we sang Christmas songs, and of course we opened a few presents. WhenCaden was handed his present he thought he wouldshow off by trying to open it with his mouth (he wasn't very successful). As one Christmas tradition I made  matching Pajamas for Taylor and Caden. Although there was a huge size difference, they looked like a cute Father Son set of twiners.


Christmas morning we agreed to meet upstairs at 8:00, which for me is quite a late start on Christmas morning since myfamily always wakes up at least by 5:00.  We all gathered at the top of the stairs so we could all see what Santa brought us together. Caden's biggest surprise was the new live talking Elmo, of course he doesn't quite  understand what Elmo is saying, but he is quite content to just stare at him. 

Christmas afternoon we went down to my family's house. The moment we walked through the door all my wonderful Christmas memories came to mind. Christmas at my house was always the best. We hadn't even put our stuff down and my little brothers rushed upstairs screaming "finally we get to open presents!" they had saved every present under the tree to be opened with us there (now that was a shocker)! Caden was spoiled beyond belief, i've never seen a baby with so many toys, it's not hard to tell he's very loved. My Grandma and Grandpa Lambson came down for dinner we all had a great time talking and eating. It is always so fun to be with family at Christmas, we are definitely lucky that they live so close. We are truly blessed with so many things.

The gospel being the greatest of all the blessings we have, what a wonderful time to reflect on the birth of our Savior. Happy Holidays!


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