Starting Something New

This last we got our schedule down! I feel like I'm finally getting things done and I'm on top of things. We've been going to bed earlier and waking up earlier, and what a difference it makes! I've been going to a yoga class monday and water aerobics class monday - thursday, and i LOVE it! Its gotta be the best way to start your day off, I get to go with my mother-in-law Ingrid (she is very faithful and has been doing it for over a year) and I love going with her! Its a great group of women that go and I've had a really great time! 

I've been trying to set some new goals for myself, and I've really been feeling like I need to work on my talents. I took private art lessons for 5 years while I was in high school and since i finished the class I really haven't continued drawing. So i've set a few goals, I will set aside some time each day to work on some art projects. I also need to start playing the piano and singing again (my in-laws have an amazing grand piano). And I am going to start singing to Caden at the piano. My mom set aside time each morning to sing with me and my siblings, and I definitely attribute our many musical talents to that! 

Really the most important thing in my life right now is being a mom. I couldn't think of anything that could make me happier than spending time with my little family. Taylor and I just sit in awe at how wonderful our baby is, we have so much fun playing with him. We have been trying to teach him to throw a ball (he is definitely way too young by the way) and Taylor will throw the ball to him and he'll pick it up off the ground. It goes straight to his mouth and i'll fling his arm to get him to release his death grip on it. He really doesn't understand, but we sure have fun doing it, but starting him off early will definitely help with his coordination (i hope!!)! I'm sure as soon as Caden is walking Taylor will have a baby sized lacrosse stick in his hands, teaching him how to play catch! 

I love my boys with all my heart! We hope you are all well!


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