Remote on a String

This video is so sad and funny at the same time. Taylor tied some cords around the tv remote and put it in front of Caden for him to play with.  Caden scooted after it and Taylor just kept on pulling it.  Its like a cat and yarn. I laughed so hard when I watched it.. and then i scolded Taylor ;) and then we did it again so I could really watch it!


Behind Bars

I have to say going in and getting Caden from bed in the morning is one of the best parts of the day.  He is always so bright eyed and smiley when he wakes up!  We usually wake to him cooing and gabbering away at the ceiling.  Sometimes when we walk in his room we find him shaking his blanket or kicking the crib frame (he is pretty energetic in the morning).  Every time he would see us leaning over his crib he'd smile, laugh and reach for us to get him out of bed.  About a week ago he realized that he could pull the crib bumper pads down with his hands.  After this find we would hear him in the morning, go to the door and he'd be staring through the bars of his crib smiling waiting for us! OH he's so cute! Taylor and I just love every minute we have with him!



Bowling Champ

We all know good friends are hard to come by, and it seems even harder to get good friends when you're a married couple.  Fortunately for us we have a few really good friends that live near by.  My best friend from high school, Taylor Cooper,  just got back from his mission this last November. We haven't hung out since he's been home.  I found out he was dating another one of my really good friends, Nicole. So after a few conversations we planned a double date!  We decided on probably one of the best dates out there, Pizza and Bowling!!  Nicole and Taylor C. really wanted to see Caden so we decided to bring him along and let him be the 5th wheel, but he ended up being the center of attention!  We went to the Pizza Factory for lunch and then went to Fat Cats for Bowling!  Taylor and I love bowling, I actually used to be pretty good, but I hadn't been since before I was pregnant!  SO... I was expecting the worst!  Taylor C. is pretty amazing at bowling, and Nicole isn't bad herself!  We decided to play 2 games and play on different teams for each game. First game we did Boys VS Girls..... we all know how that went down!  Second game we did Couple VS Couple.  While we bowled Caden got passed around from person to person, he was very entertained with the whole thing.  He loved the little vent at the end of the bowling ball rack, he put his face over it, choked for air, and he liked to feel it blow on his hands.  He sat on the bowling alley and watched us bowl.  He played with Nicole's car keys (one of his favorite toys).  And he watched Taylor C. make funny faces at him, which amused Me and Nicole as well!  The first game of course the boys won..  they're SO competitive!  The second game wasn't quite so intense.  We were pretty evenly matched throughout the game.  When we were to about our 7th frame I decided to let Caden try pushing the bowling ball down the lane.  He knocked 5 pins over, IMPRESSIVE!  He didn't really get it though, haha.. of course.   Taylor bowled a strike in the 8th, 9th and 10th  frame !TURKEY! and ended his score with 154!  Taylor C. ended his game at 140 and Nicole ended at 125!  I ended at.... 107 :( and with the team scores added Taylor C. and Nicole beat Taylor and I 265 to 261!! I blame our lack of 4 points on Caden!.. but it was definitely worth letting Caden start his new career as a Bowling Champ!

these are a few of his favorite things

I'm sure every baby picks up on a few things they love to play with, some are probably the same as others, and some are unique to your own baby.  After watching my little boy though i can definitely say these are a few of his favorite things:

Sucking on his shirt & Playing with water bottles

Eating ANY kind of tag or sticker that comes off clothing!

Sucking on his toothbrush, even though he doesn't have any teeth

Playing with or sucking on white tennis shoes, ESPECIALLY daddy's new white Nike's

He also likes to push his Live Talking Elmo over or suck on his eyeballs, putt the tv remote in his mouth (and somehow he is always changes the channel), Drink out of or play with a BIG cup, look at books and turn the pages, play with his toy balls (he really likes the big bouncy balls that always seem to pop), but most of all he loves to play with his daddy!  He will reach for Taylor as soon as he walks through the door, he loves to crawl over daddy's legs, slap his face, try to suck on his toes, stick his fingers in his mouth, ears and nose, BUT most of all he LOVES to pull daddy's hair.  Taylor definitely gets a kick out of his little boy.  I can't even express how much we love him!


Bath Time

Playing in the tub definitely gets to be more fun as a baby grows.  The first time i gave Caden a real bath he was probably 2 weeks old, and boy did he scream.  It was so sad to see him so terrified!  As he's gotten older though he's enjoyed it more and more.  He is now to the point  that when I take his clothes off and turn the water on he will stand at the side of the tub and bounce up and down waiting to get in!  For Christmas we got him a bunch of little sea animal bath toys, he has loved them from the first time he took a bath with them.  The first few times he only wanted to chew on them of course (he wants to chew on everything)!  Now that he is a little bigger and sitting up he has discoverd all sorts of fun things he can do with his toys.  Just yesterday i was giving him a bath and he looked at the little holder we suctioned on the side of the tub, and he pulled each little animal from the bag and dropped them in the water one at at time.  After they were all in the water he tried to grab them, and realized that when he hit the water it  SPLASHED!!  What a discovery!  He splashed and splashed and splashed until I was completely soaked (I was sitting on the side of the tub making sure he didn't fall face down), I've never gotten so wet from one of his baths, but I'm sure it won't be the only soaking I get! 


Caden's New Stroller

Since Caden is sitting up now, we decided it was time to get a new stroller (more compact and not so bulky).  We went to Babies "R" Us and looked around at everything they had. I pulled the display strollers down and let sit in them while I pushed them around, just seeing which ones I liked best.  The strollers ranged from $20.00 - $150.00! I couldn't possibly see spending so much on some of the strollers, they were definitely nice, but not in our price range. We found one that was on sale for $40.00 and Caden and i agreed that it was perfect for us!  It has tons of great things about it: Basket underneath, A tray with a cup holder for the baby (which can be removed), two cup holders for mommy and daddy, A sun cover, Removable and washable padding, The seat reclines AND it's really cute! Caden helped me put it together as soon as we got it home (well, more like chewed on the pieces of cardboard and foam that I pulled off it).  Since then we have many fun strolls with it!  It's only been to two places though.. The mall of course (to visit daddy) and Tai Pan Trading Co. (we love their decorations!  It's been a great space saver in the trunk and its a lot easier to fit through small spaces.  The little baby tray has been a great head rest for Caden while he takes naps!