Bath Time

Playing in the tub definitely gets to be more fun as a baby grows.  The first time i gave Caden a real bath he was probably 2 weeks old, and boy did he scream.  It was so sad to see him so terrified!  As he's gotten older though he's enjoyed it more and more.  He is now to the point  that when I take his clothes off and turn the water on he will stand at the side of the tub and bounce up and down waiting to get in!  For Christmas we got him a bunch of little sea animal bath toys, he has loved them from the first time he took a bath with them.  The first few times he only wanted to chew on them of course (he wants to chew on everything)!  Now that he is a little bigger and sitting up he has discoverd all sorts of fun things he can do with his toys.  Just yesterday i was giving him a bath and he looked at the little holder we suctioned on the side of the tub, and he pulled each little animal from the bag and dropped them in the water one at at time.  After they were all in the water he tried to grab them, and realized that when he hit the water it  SPLASHED!!  What a discovery!  He splashed and splashed and splashed until I was completely soaked (I was sitting on the side of the tub making sure he didn't fall face down), I've never gotten so wet from one of his baths, but I'm sure it won't be the only soaking I get! 


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