Behind Bars

I have to say going in and getting Caden from bed in the morning is one of the best parts of the day.  He is always so bright eyed and smiley when he wakes up!  We usually wake to him cooing and gabbering away at the ceiling.  Sometimes when we walk in his room we find him shaking his blanket or kicking the crib frame (he is pretty energetic in the morning).  Every time he would see us leaning over his crib he'd smile, laugh and reach for us to get him out of bed.  About a week ago he realized that he could pull the crib bumper pads down with his hands.  After this find we would hear him in the morning, go to the door and he'd be staring through the bars of his crib smiling waiting for us! OH he's so cute! Taylor and I just love every minute we have with him!


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