Bowling Champ

We all know good friends are hard to come by, and it seems even harder to get good friends when you're a married couple.  Fortunately for us we have a few really good friends that live near by.  My best friend from high school, Taylor Cooper,  just got back from his mission this last November. We haven't hung out since he's been home.  I found out he was dating another one of my really good friends, Nicole. So after a few conversations we planned a double date!  We decided on probably one of the best dates out there, Pizza and Bowling!!  Nicole and Taylor C. really wanted to see Caden so we decided to bring him along and let him be the 5th wheel, but he ended up being the center of attention!  We went to the Pizza Factory for lunch and then went to Fat Cats for Bowling!  Taylor and I love bowling, I actually used to be pretty good, but I hadn't been since before I was pregnant!  SO... I was expecting the worst!  Taylor C. is pretty amazing at bowling, and Nicole isn't bad herself!  We decided to play 2 games and play on different teams for each game. First game we did Boys VS Girls..... we all know how that went down!  Second game we did Couple VS Couple.  While we bowled Caden got passed around from person to person, he was very entertained with the whole thing.  He loved the little vent at the end of the bowling ball rack, he put his face over it, choked for air, and he liked to feel it blow on his hands.  He sat on the bowling alley and watched us bowl.  He played with Nicole's car keys (one of his favorite toys).  And he watched Taylor C. make funny faces at him, which amused Me and Nicole as well!  The first game of course the boys won..  they're SO competitive!  The second game wasn't quite so intense.  We were pretty evenly matched throughout the game.  When we were to about our 7th frame I decided to let Caden try pushing the bowling ball down the lane.  He knocked 5 pins over, IMPRESSIVE!  He didn't really get it though, haha.. of course.   Taylor bowled a strike in the 8th, 9th and 10th  frame !TURKEY! and ended his score with 154!  Taylor C. ended his game at 140 and Nicole ended at 125!  I ended at.... 107 :( and with the team scores added Taylor C. and Nicole beat Taylor and I 265 to 261!! I blame our lack of 4 points on Caden!.. but it was definitely worth letting Caden start his new career as a Bowling Champ!

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