Caden's New Stroller

Since Caden is sitting up now, we decided it was time to get a new stroller (more compact and not so bulky).  We went to Babies "R" Us and looked around at everything they had. I pulled the display strollers down and let sit in them while I pushed them around, just seeing which ones I liked best.  The strollers ranged from $20.00 - $150.00! I couldn't possibly see spending so much on some of the strollers, they were definitely nice, but not in our price range. We found one that was on sale for $40.00 and Caden and i agreed that it was perfect for us!  It has tons of great things about it: Basket underneath, A tray with a cup holder for the baby (which can be removed), two cup holders for mommy and daddy, A sun cover, Removable and washable padding, The seat reclines AND it's really cute! Caden helped me put it together as soon as we got it home (well, more like chewed on the pieces of cardboard and foam that I pulled off it).  Since then we have many fun strolls with it!  It's only been to two places though.. The mall of course (to visit daddy) and Tai Pan Trading Co. (we love their decorations!  It's been a great space saver in the trunk and its a lot easier to fit through small spaces.  The little baby tray has been a great head rest for Caden while he takes naps!

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