these are a few of his favorite things

I'm sure every baby picks up on a few things they love to play with, some are probably the same as others, and some are unique to your own baby.  After watching my little boy though i can definitely say these are a few of his favorite things:

Sucking on his shirt & Playing with water bottles

Eating ANY kind of tag or sticker that comes off clothing!

Sucking on his toothbrush, even though he doesn't have any teeth

Playing with or sucking on white tennis shoes, ESPECIALLY daddy's new white Nike's

He also likes to push his Live Talking Elmo over or suck on his eyeballs, putt the tv remote in his mouth (and somehow he is always changes the channel), Drink out of or play with a BIG cup, look at books and turn the pages, play with his toy balls (he really likes the big bouncy balls that always seem to pop), but most of all he loves to play with his daddy!  He will reach for Taylor as soon as he walks through the door, he loves to crawl over daddy's legs, slap his face, try to suck on his toes, stick his fingers in his mouth, ears and nose, BUT most of all he LOVES to pull daddy's hair.  Taylor definitely gets a kick out of his little boy.  I can't even express how much we love him!


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