Busy Month

Wow, it's been quite a while since I've been on my blog. SORRY!!! This last month has been so busy! So here's a quick summary of what's been going on in our lives! Taylor an I received callings in our ward, Taylor is on the ward activities committee, and I am a CTR5 teacher (again).. gotta love those 5 year olds! 2 of my Grandparents have had birthdays, and its one of my grandpa's birthday on saturday! I've been trying to keep up on working out.. I'm not always successful! I love being back in art lessons, its so much fun.. a good outlet for me. Taylor earned a nice bonus for hitting their best month in sales in February! A week and a half ago I had a good friend color my hair... can you guess... i went DARK again! I can never make up my mind on which way i like my hair best, actually the truth is i just like change. Caden hasn't had the best of months, He had an ear infection 3 weeks ago, and last Wednesday he came down with a really bad cold. I seriously thought it was RSV cause he had such a bad cough, but the doctor said its just a bad cold that's been going around (it lasts 2-3weeks!! ugh ). I feel so bad for him! He has been sleeping so much though, its been nice, and he's been sleeping through the night. But I'd rather have my baby be healthy, than have him sick and sleeping all the time. My mother and father-in-law helped me get a VERY nice camera as an early birthday present (its a Canon 30D if anyone knows what that is).. I absolutely love it. I've been trying to learn how to use it manually, there is a TON to learn. My mother-in-law also has been helping me a ton to get my computer all set up to run photoshop programs and stuff. I took these Pictures today, it was nice and sunny, and then i used some great tools on photoshop to edit them! The bottom one is so cute! You can see Caden's two little teeth!!! This weekend we're having a BBQ with a bunch of friends, its supposed to get up to 69 degrees! I'm so ready for this cold winter to be over!! I'll try to get on more often and keep things updated!


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