Little Chocoholic

There's always funny new experiences to look forward to with babies.. and for us, it seems they always happen when he's being very very quiet. A couple of nights ago taylor and I were sitting on the couch watching a tv show while Caden was playing quietly at our feet (quiet isn't always good). I bent over to see how he was doing and i saw a little chocolate covered face smiling up at me!!

Of course he had gotten into our Easter stash. He had found a little foil wrapped chocolate Easter egg and had eaten it, melted it, and gotten it all over himself! It looked like an awfully large amount of chocolate for such a little egg. Here's some of the pictures from Caden's first Chocolate experience!

Our little Chocolate monster!!!

Here's a shot of his pants and the little Easter egg that made the mess.

Chocolate face!

Sink bath! All clean!

... And here's the best part of the story. After he was all cleaned off and had his pajamas on we went back out to finish our show. There was a package of Oreos on the table and Caden quietly reached in the package and grabbed a cookie! Luckily I noticed this one sooner on than the chocolate egg. Lol, he did get a pretty big bite out of it before i grabbed it from him.. a little chocolate never hurt anyone right?

It was definitely one of the funniest experiences I've had with Caden. He was so hyper, bouncing up and down and flapping his arms, it must have been from the sugar rush. I just laughed. Babies are so much fun.

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