Little Update

It seems like life just keeps getting more crazy!! The weather has been pretty nice the last couple of days, and i thought FINALLY maybe spring is here! BUT it should have been no surprise to me that there was snow on the ground when i woke up this morning.. gotta love Utah! Taylor just got back from a business trip to Vegas last thursday, he had lots of fun and came home with lots of SWAG (aka: junk). Its been funny to watch him pull things out of the bags he got and try to give it to me as gifts, lol, i just put it back in the bags and he never notices. We really need to go through the stuff and throw probably 95% of it away! Last Friday I had a permanent eyeliner procedure done. It was quite a pleasant experience (seriously)! I was expecting it to be worse than labor! It turned out i didn't feel a thing while she was doing it. It was wonderful! Of course the two days following were pretty miserable for my eyes, i was swollen and kind of scary looking, but now that its all healed it looks FANTASTIC! Of course, it isn't really "permanent", it will last 2-3 years if i don't have it touched up.. but i am really loving it so i might just have it touched up every eighteen months to make sure it lasts longer! Caden has been workin hard on getting two more teeth through, and as of yesterday he officially has two teeth on top (barely through the gums)! He has figured how to get basically anywhere he wants, and he LOVES to make messes. What else should i expect form a baby....! Surprisingly, he is really coordinated when it comes to playing with a ball! We'll roll it back and forth with him and he will push it or throw it back! It doesn't matter if its a Soccer ball or easter egg, as long as it'll roll he will play catch with it! For the last two weeks he has also started sleeping through the night, which for him is 9:00 pm- 8:00 am! 9 is late for some babies to go to bed, but it definitely works best for us! If i'm out, I rarely have to worry about getting home in time for him to go to bed since his bedtime is a little later! I've been working on some really fun projects lately, my mom helped me finish a new baby quilt for Caden's crib yesterday! She is really good at figuring sewing stuff out! I made a self binding blanket... and boy it's cute! I'm working on some pillow shams to match it right now. I've also been working on a new feather comforter cover for our bed (that is in storage right now). When we get our own place, i'll be able to decorate it all cute! We are very excited for Easter! I got Caden a very little easter basket for his first easter! I was getting some stuff to fill it and realized i probably couldn't even fit more than three thing in it! Its so fun to have a baby to spoil on the holidays! Caden makes life so enjoyable!

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