Loving Spring

It seems spring might possibly be here to stay! Since the first snow this last fall I've been looking forward to spring. I definitely haven't wished the time away.. just the weather. I enjoy snow for December and January, but I get tired of spending so much time indoors. I think living in a place with all four seasons, the HOT summers and very COLD winters.. has made me grateful for the changes in the weather. The last time we were able to take Caden outside he was about 4 months old. Now he's grown so much! Crawling like crazy, walking along anything that will hold his weight and constantly making Me and Taylor Laugh. He is officially 9 months old as of yesterday!! Happy 9 month b-day baby!!! He is such a joy in our lives. It's crazy to think we've had him here, a part of our lives, almost as long as i was pregnant with him (since i was a week late). I definitely miss the little baby stage, but as time has passed he has become so much fun to play with and watch.

Here's a little about our boy:
He is such a little daddy's boy.. when Taylor gets home from work Caden crawls as fast as he can to get to his feet. And watch out.... if Daddy doesn't pick him up to play... he gets those big crocodile tears rollin down his cheeks. He loves to wrestle with Taylor, they'll roll across the floor totally entertaining each other. Caden has learned to wave, and says bubu (bye bye) when someone is leaving. When you give him a hug and say "huuuuuuuuuuuuugs" he says "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" (its so sweet)! He is finally getting the concept of chase, we'll growl at him and he'll squeal and crawl away as fast as he can. When he is trying to get someone's attention and they finally look at him he'll smile, scrunch his nose and squint his eyes.. haha, i can't help but laugh when he does it, cause it's so random. He is getting so big!

We have definitely enjoyed the warm weather lately. Caden stands at the glass doors waiting for someone to take him outside.. he loves it out there. He still isn't quite sure about the grass though, he'll stand on all fours and crawl that way instead of letting his knees touch the grass. He must not like the feeling. We've enjoyed going on a few walks and sitting out in the sun. Life is so good, we're so grateful for our many blessings!

Caden's cute little smile

Summer Sandals

Great Grandma Van Leeuwen's Wooden Car

Mama and Caden

Walks up the big hill

We hope you're all doing well!!


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