Pictures To Go With The Not So Little Update

Caden's discovery of the CHEERIO!!! He loves eating them and playing with his container!

This picture is precious! Taylor fell asleep on the floor during the 2nd conference session on Sunday and Caden laid next to him with his bottle, played with Taylors ear and watched conference! What a sweetie (he absolutely loves his daddy)!

My eyes all healed from the eyeliner procedure. it looks just like regular liner... only i never have to put it on!

Caden was very intrigued with the sewing machine.. i made sure to turn the needle down into the machine so he wouldn't prick his finger!

He LOVED pulling the thread!

The new baby blanket for the crib (it has incredibly soft minky on the back!!)

I've had the fabric for this blanket since i was a senior in high school, i just never got around to making it.. until today!

This is how the corners look on both blankets!


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