Encounter With a Real Survivor

Tyson From Survivor

As most of you know, Taylor works at the mall... therefore i spend a lot of time at the mall (he's my excuse to go down there ;) lol). Today, as I was sitting on a bench in front of Taylor's kiosk, there was a group of 3 men who walked past, very loud and pretty obnoxious... Before I knew it Taylor was scrambling around in his kiosk looking for a piece of paper and a pen and shouted at me "THAT WAS TYSON FROM SURVIVOR!!!!" I was on my feet and in pursuit within seconds. We followed him into the Vans store and asked him for an autograph and picture, and he was more than willing! He was definitely a lot nicer than the show depicted him, he even told us that they wanted him to look like the arrogant jerk of the season. They manipulate everything on reality shows, so we got the insiders scoop on "what really happened". We talked to him for good 15 minutes, asking question after question. It was pretty cool i must say! This was the first year i've ever watched survivor... and yes I got pretty into it. Taylor would watch it with me when he wasn't busy with other things. We watched the last 3 episodes and the finale on Sunday. It was a FANTASTIC season! I'm a big fan now! Side Note: the picture is pretty funny, the piece of paper taylor is holding has Tysons signature on it (even tho it looks blank), I look WAY too happy.. lol, and oh and i look insanely pasty standing next to the tall brown giant, Caden wouldn't look at the camera so Tyson grabbed his head and turned it towards the camera (caden was pretty freaked out by that, haha.. as you can tell by the expression on his face). ANYWAYS.. just thought I'd share our cool story for the day!



when life gets crazy, it's time for a vacation

So thoughtful
Whew... i am so glad its almost the weekend! I don't think i've had a week as busy as this last one since... well i actually can't think of one! Starting last thursday, i finally got my new car seat, installed it (kind of confusing with with it being a convertible seat), attended my brother Ben's school play (he was mogli in the Jungle Book), did my best friends hair and nails for a wedding she was a bridesmade at... totally enjoyed MOTHERS DAY!! (i had to teach the primary lesson) but other than that.. it was so wonderful.. Taylor did a fantastic job at totally spoiling me rotten. We had 2 senior picture sessions, did an engagement session last night, and tonight we have another senior picture session!!! TALK ABOUT CRAZY. I've spent probably a little too much time on my computer editing pictures... I had an eye doctor appointment cause i was having a hard time focusing in reading and on the couputer, turns out i still have 20/20 vision.. but i need to wear reading glasses for computer work and reading, so i don't get headaches! Call me 4 eyes! I have a photography class tonight after the photo shoot... and then......... Taylor and I are heading up to Midway for a 2 night stay at Zermatt resort while Bret and Ingrid watch Caden for us!! Whew... (see what i mean) I am SO excited to get away for a few days and spend some quality time with Taylor!

It's been so fun starting this photography stuff, but it definitely takes a lot of energy! We have a name picked out for the business, and we've got a blog.. but we're still working on getting it set up. But when its ready i'll let all of you know the name and web address so you guys can check us out!! I'm so ready for this weekend and a little break/vacation! Hopefully we can enjoy some fine dining and shopping in Park City.. (i might be pushing my luck here)... but we'll see!


The Tulip Festival

It is FINALLY spring in utah! of course it won't last for long... we'll have a blazing hot summer here in about a month! Every year at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens they have a Tulip festival with thousands of tulips, and they are so gorgeous!! Taylor and I went this year with my best friend Richelle and Taylor C. Richelle is a very good photographer and I've had a ton of fun shooting with her! Now that I have a nice camera its been a blast doing photography together! (... we're starting a little business soon, so stay tuned for our website and blog)

Caden loved all the flowers.. maybe a little too much ;) he wanted to touch all of them and pointed to everything! He didn't last the whole time, he crashed after fifteen minutes of walking, lol.

Its been so nice to get outside! I love spring so much! Here's a few pictures I took at the festival!

Caden Loving the flowers... the little one he's reaching for, well he smashed it in an attempt to just touch it..

My Boys are SOOOO Cute!!
My Best Friend (just back from Jerusalem) with Caden

Mama and Caden (i love kissing his soft face!) Taylor took this one.

Taylor took this picture (i'm not gonna steal his thunder) its pretty amazing! I edited it it so it would be light enough to see what was happening, the picture was originally very dark because of how fast the shutter speed had to be. It looks GREAT babe! Taylor wanted me to put the original on so you could see the difference editing made..

Anyways, we had a ton of fun taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful flowers! Hope all is well for you guys!!