The Tulip Festival

It is FINALLY spring in utah! of course it won't last for long... we'll have a blazing hot summer here in about a month! Every year at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens they have a Tulip festival with thousands of tulips, and they are so gorgeous!! Taylor and I went this year with my best friend Richelle and Taylor C. Richelle is a very good photographer and I've had a ton of fun shooting with her! Now that I have a nice camera its been a blast doing photography together! (... we're starting a little business soon, so stay tuned for our website and blog)

Caden loved all the flowers.. maybe a little too much ;) he wanted to touch all of them and pointed to everything! He didn't last the whole time, he crashed after fifteen minutes of walking, lol.

Its been so nice to get outside! I love spring so much! Here's a few pictures I took at the festival!

Caden Loving the flowers... the little one he's reaching for, well he smashed it in an attempt to just touch it..

My Boys are SOOOO Cute!!
My Best Friend (just back from Jerusalem) with Caden

Mama and Caden (i love kissing his soft face!) Taylor took this one.

Taylor took this picture (i'm not gonna steal his thunder) its pretty amazing! I edited it it so it would be light enough to see what was happening, the picture was originally very dark because of how fast the shutter speed had to be. It looks GREAT babe! Taylor wanted me to put the original on so you could see the difference editing made..

Anyways, we had a ton of fun taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful flowers! Hope all is well for you guys!!


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