Caden's New Little Cousin

Gabriel Ross was born July 20th, two weeks early! And wouldn't you believe it, he was bigger than Caden..... who was a week late! He is a totally adorable little boy with a good amount of DARK hair! We're so excited to have him join the family at last! We love you baby Gabe!



Photography Blog

Ok, I promised the photography business was up and coming.. and we've finally got things figured out! We decided on a name "touch of color photography"!!! We also got a blog up, i've just finished designing it and setting it up, and pictures are uploaded.. we don't have a huge portfolio since we haven't been doing this for too long...... but we'll have more to come! so feel free to check out the blog and let me know what you all think! *also a small warning, on some monitors (we don't know why...) but the pictures appear really grainy, if you click on the image it will link you to our flickr pro account and you can look at them there and the quality is fine. We're still working all the kinks out, but I feel like its good enough to share with others now!