Birthday Boys - Taylor 20 & Caden 1

I don't know how time went by so quick, but i've never wished more that it would just slow down. I can't help but tear up as i think about the past year, all the fun memories, my tiny baby turning into a little boy, its incredible how much a kid can learn in a year! Caden is starting to walk, and jabbers at everything, he's a very curious child.... good thing and bad. We wanted to make his 1st birthday kind of special for him, of course he won't remember any of it... but on that day he definitely had a good time. Since Taylor and Caden's birthdays are one after the other we decided to just have a party weekend. On Caden's birthday we took him to one of his favorite places!!! ANIMAL ARK (pet store) we looked at all the puppies and bunnies and fishies..... and birdies and everything! it was pretty eventful!
That evening we headed to Farmington to join my moms side of the family for a Family Reunion!!! I LOVE going to this party.. there is great food and fun games, and its always a beautiful time of year. Not to mention I love my grandparents yard. Caden played with his aunt and uncles and my cousins, we played on the rope swing and played many rounds of ladder ball! IMG_0017gdmrngwntrsn


I love this picture, He will not crawl on his hands and knees when he's on the grass.. so he gets on all fours and moves around that way.. it makes me laugh every time!

1st Birthday
Taylor helped make homemade ice cream which was delicious on top of grandmas homemade apricot pie!
We opened presents for caden, boy is he spoiled... he got a big ball (ya know the kind from walmart that every kid loves), sippy cups, clothes, hotwheels, cheveron cars, shoes, tons of big boy stuff!!
(gotta love my grandmas lime green capret!)
1st Birthday

Then we took him outside and let him eat one of the cupcakes from his GIANT CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! He LOVES chocolate, i can't even count how many times i've caught him eating chocolate quietly in a corner... So we made him a chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting, and crumbled oreos on top. It was delicious! He must have been pretty confused as to why we were allowing him to eat chocolate... But he seemed to enjoy the cupcake after squishing it between his fingers.. lol.

1st Birthday

1st Birthday
It was a pretty fun party day, He was asleep in the car before we got to the freeway. THEN.... Taylor's birthday, wasn't quite so eventful.. we had a really nice dinner his mom prepared, opened more presents, and ate and more cake (almost identical to Caden's except yellow cake and no oreos) ... and we played phase ten and need for speed the rest of the day. We went to Tucanos for his birthday dinner last night, it was delicious!!!
I hope my birthday turns out this great ;) ;) (........taylor)

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