Spanish Fork Rodeo

I'd definitely have to say one of my favorite summer traditions is going to the rodeo!!! My family usually attends the Oakley rodeo the week of the 4th of july, but this year we couldn't make it... so we decided to try out the Spanish Fork rodeo. Although the riders and ropers weren't as pro as those at the Oakley rodeo, it was definitely still fun. They did mutton riding with little kids, which i haven't seen before, it was pretty hilarious! I was a little concerned about bringing Caden, just because he can be a little wiggle worm sometimes. But to my complete surprise, i've never seen him sit more still! He sat on his Uncle Jarom's Lap almost the entire time and watched the horses, pointed at everything and said "wuu saa"? He also enjoyed all the music and danced along with it. We had a ton of fun!!!

chillin with Uncle Lane
These horses sure can buck!

my little cowboy!

the clown is always entertaining
My youngest brother Nanny, all he wants to be is a Cowboy! He always wears his cowboy boots, i don't know how many pairs he's worn out.. He always asks me if i can cut his hair like a real cowboy, and help him style it. lol. He asks for cowboy clothes for birthday and Christmas. And he will really wear long "cowboy" shirts and pants on a 103 degree day! The rodeo is his heaven!


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