Summer Days

Summer can't possibly be a month from being over. It seems like it came and disappeared in a blink of an eye! Schools have started, its starting to cool down... and autumn is quickly on its way (of course i don't mind cause autumn is my favorite season).  This summer has definitely been full of fun memories, Caden seems to have grown from a baby to a little boy in the last month. He's walking, starting to talk, and loving big boy food! I just threw all our fun pictures from this month into one big long post, so here starts August! 

When the day has cooled off and the sun is lower in the sky we like to take Caden outside to play. He basically begs all day for us to take him out to see his favorite dog Deuce.  Other than mama and dada his first word was definitely "deuce". Now he's not just some small little dog, he's a full grown yellow lab, but he's really good with kids. Caden mostly likes to watch him, he never seems to be all that happy when deuce licks him up the side of the face ;)

The Middle of August we headed to Malibu California to spend a few days on the beach!  My parents were so wonderful to keep Caden while we took our first real vacation! My BFF Richelle is getting married, and her fiance Bryan has a Grandma who lives on a cliff right above the beach!  So she graciously let the four of us come stay for a few days. We spent most of our time on the beach building sand castles, walking, dodging high tide against the cliffs, and just laying out.  I'd have to say i think Taylor is pretty genius for making us "sand chairs" i've got a picture of us sitting in them (surprisingly comfy). I took some engagement pictures for Bryan and Richelle... and i couldn't have asked for a better setting! The beach we were on was absolutely gorgeous.. i've never been anywhere like it. The last night we were there we went to promenade on 3rd, a HUGE outdoor shopping mall! Taylor spoiled me and got me tons of stuff for my B-day (thanks so much hun)!  We cut the trip down and back in half by staying at Richelle's Grandma's who lives in St. George, and let me tell ya.... it made me wanna move there! Its like my sister-in-law says "rather have 3 months of blazing hot than 8 months of FREEZING cold"! anyhow, the trip was perfect and we had so much fun!

My 21st b-day was fantastic, my visiting teachers took me out to lunch. Taylor took me out to dinner at Brick Oven (yummy) and my mom made me a Cherry Chip Cake!!! my favorite! and she decorated the cake so cute! My mom got me an entire cake decorating set, which i've been needing for a while now.  I got tons of clothes and shoes (can a girl ask for anything more). and my biggest surprise present was a pair of Oakley sunglasses that i've been wanting for quite a while now (they're the ones I'm wearing at the beach) THANK YOU TAYLOR!!! i am so spoiled to have such a wonderful family and husband and baby. -thanks for making my birthday so special!








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