It is REALLY official, my mom is a " soccer mom". This year she decided to coach my brother Nathaniel's little league soccer team, and may i just say this is the funniest soccer I have ever seen! Only a few of the kids were there on the day they took team pictures, so my mom asked me to come to this game to take a few team pictures for them. What I didn't expect was to get as many funny pictures as i did. These kids are ages 5-6 and really have no clue what they're doing out on the field. It was so funny to see them trip all over each other, and score goals for the other team. They only play 3 on 3 and there are no goalies. We had so much fun watching them play. Caden kicked the extra soccer balls around on the sidelines and tried to get in the game more than his fair share of times. Here are a few of the funny and cute pictures:
Nannys Soccer Team
Crashing in the Goal
Crashing into Each Other
Isn't she ADORABLE! I hope my girls have cute, curly, blonde hair..
These two Always fight for Dads Attention

Nannys Soccer Team


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