Odds and Ends...

There are tons of things I've been up to and things i'm working on, so this may turn out to be a jumbled disorganized post..

First off I have to say GO BYU!!!! woo HOO!!! their game against the Sooners was absolutely incredible. I have completely lost my voice and Taylor and I were literally jumping up and down on the couch while watching. I couldn't be more proud! the ending score 13 to 14 byu. I can't wait to see what our rankings will change to now that we've beat the number 3 team!!! Sorry, I'm still pretty pumped about it.

Another RANDOM side note: i've been completely obsessed with muddy buddies this week! its horrible. i've made two batches already. At least the chex are gone now (that way i can't make anymore..)
This last week I found myself consumed with projects.. I'm not always up for projects, and i usually avoid big tasks. But when the urge hits - it HITS!!!

Here are a few fun things i've been into this last week. For my b-day i got some money from all of my grandparents (which is always very appreciated - thank you!) I usually spend it on clothes.. well always.. but this year i decided to go for something a little different. i've been wanting a few things for around the house so i went on a mini shopping spree to a few of my favorite home decor stores!

first stop: Rod Works! Isn't this the CUTEST jewelry dish ever! I saw it and totally fell in love.. and it serves a dual purpose, decoration and organization (and this is only the beginning of my organization)

Next stop: Tai Pan Trading Co.!! I, for some reason, have a small obsession with fun dishes. I really only have the basics that we got for our wedding and find myself borrowing my mother-in-laws cute dishes all the time.. just to add a little fun to dinner. So i went and bought myself a few fun dishes to have around :)

when i was at tai pan, i found these REALLY cute old fashioned ice cream dishes.. they kind of looked like this one, but had longer stems and the top flared out. I'm kind of wishing i would have just bought them.. but i'm sure they'll be there next time too ;)

Here starts my MAJOR projects. I just so happen to be the worst at finishing scrapbooks.. i don't thing i've ever finished one........ TILL NOW!!! I started our wedding scrapbook a few months after we got married, and my fire died shortly after i started. SO its been sitting in a closet for over a year now! I did happen to get the "book" itself covered with really cute fabric and ribbon, and i got about 6 pages done. So after looking at it... feeling rather guilty that it wasn't finished... i decided to sit down and just get to work.

does anyone else make HUGE messes when they're doin stuff like this??? (taylor's exact words were: "where'd the kitchen go?")


Here is the finished project!!! I'm so relieved to have it done!


This is my favorite page:



My second project this week has been cleaning/de-junking/organizing everything!!! i've kept our bedroom and closet pretty clean.. but the rest of the place, not so much.. Since we're living in our in-laws basement we have almost all our stuff in their storage room. I was to the point where i couldn't find anything in there (i knew i had certain things... but couldn't find them). So i got a bunch of plastic bins and went through everything.. after a few days i'd killed at least 10 spiders (with taylors help), gotten everything out and organized, labeled and put back! I wish i would've taken a picture before i started.. there was hardly walking room in there. Here's the final product!
A great idea my mom has for organizing spices.. this way i don't have to dig around back in the cupboard to find one little bottle.. just pull the whole thing out find what i want and put it all back!

These were just a few ideas for organizing i found online.. i would love to use all of these when we have a place of our own.. ENJOY!!!




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