Thanksgiving Point - Petting Zoo

Taylor and I try to make it out once a week to do something fun as a family.... that is.... something CADEN thinks is fun. He loves the park, going on walks, playing outside with his favorite doggy, playing at the water park.. he's pretty easy to entertain. I've heard wonderful things about the Thanksgiving Point petting zoo, and figured Caden was old enough to really enjoy it now. He LOVES horses and really likes to buzz lips to imitate the sound they make. He really has no fear of animals (which i'm very grateful for.. cause i was terrified of most animals growing up). It turned out the petting zoo was just as fun as i'd hoped. Caden made his horsey sound at the goats, llama, cows, pigs... just about every animal in there. The goats were so fun, they came right up to the fence and would eat corn out of our fingers! And each admission comes with a free pony ride or wagon ride! Caden totally enjoyed himself, and Taylor and I had plenty of fun too. We will definitely be back! (If you're interested the website is

At first, he was more interested in the hose than the goats..
petting zoo

This was his reaction every time after the goats would eat the piece of corn... lol

He wasn't so sure of these big horses.. but he was content to watch daddy pet them

He was so careful to drop the corn RIGHT on top of the chickens

FINALLY!!! a real horsey-pony ride!!! my parents have one of those plastic horses that you can bounce up and down on, and he loves it. He sat on this horse and started kicking his legs against its sides!

petting zoo

My boys are just too cute!


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