Hee Haws - Pumpkin Patch

I really don't think I could say it enough.. I love Fall! October is my favorite month of the year. I love the fall colors, the cool air.. the fun fall clothes we all get to wear: long sleeves, jackets and boots! There are so many fun things to do in October: Football Games, Start Christmas Shopping, Corn Mazes, Haunted Houses, Pumpkin Patches, Pumpkin Carving, Halloween! 

I'd have to say Halloween is in my top 3 favorite holidays. I'm so excited for my "little" excuse to beg people for candy this weekend ;) I've really been looking forward to starting family traditions for the holidays this year.. I feel like Caden is finally old enough to enjoy some of the fun! Growing up my family never really went to pumpkin patches.. and it was an activity I thought would be fun. So this year to start our Halloween traditions we went to the Hee Haws Pumpkin Patch! We went to Hee Haws earlier this month with my family to go to the corn maze, but we didn't get pumpkins. This time came went to get pumpkins and enjoy the courtyard activities again! They have some really fun kid activities, Caden totally enjoyed them.  He helped Taylor shoot off corn from the corn cannon, rode on the animal train (several times), took the hay ride, visited the barnyard petting zoo and picked his own pumpkin! We had so much fun! We went a little picture crazy too, so excuse the many pictures.. there were so many I liked it was hard to pick which ones to post! So you get to see all of them! 

He was totally terrified of the mummy at the ticket booth ;)

Pumpkin Patch


Mommy's pumpkin, to be...

Caden's pumpkin... till we found a cuter one

Daddy's huge pumpkin

Animal Train: Caden's FAVORITE (btw i love this top picture!)





Hay Ride



Barnyard Petting Zoo: first time Caden has seen piggies up close!






Bedtime Routine

I was just realizing how I really haven't posted much about Caden lately (other than the last post of course..)! I've kept the right side bar pretty updated with the new things he's doing and learning! He is getting so big.. if i think about it too much it makes me cry. I miss my baby Caden! I have loved every stage of his little life. I wish time would slow down a little! 

We have recently started a bedtime routine, not that Caden has any trouble going to sleep.. its more for me ;) There are a lot of things i tend to forget when i put him to sleep: brushing teeth, flossing, ointment on all his many cuts and bruises he always seems to have. So we started a little routine to help me keep on track:
-8:30 BATH
-BRUSH TEETH (he doesn't like it when i help)
-9:00 BED :)
Last night Taylor pulled out my camera while i was bathing him and gosh he got some really cute shots! I just love them! So here are a few from his nightly routine :)

bath time

bath time

bath time

bath time
(lol, the tv is on behind them.. thats why Caden's hair looks blue)
bath time

bath time



I love being his mommy...

the many faces of caden

Its true.. I just can't get enough of this little boy! He makes me smile and laugh more than just about anyone. He's so sweet and silly.. I love so many things about him! I love how he always wants to sit on my lap while I'm on the computer, and if i won't let him type with his hands he puts his feet up on the desk and tries to type with his toes :) I love that he dances whenever my phone rings. I love how every time the house phone rings he runs and stands under it and squeels "Dada! Dada!" (he's too short to reach it)! I love his big bear hugs when I get him out of bed in the morning. I love when he kisses me for no reason at all. I love how he shares his snacks with me, and tries to feed me his sippy water and bottle. I love when he wants to hold both Taylor and My hand while we walk together. I love how he always calls for dada when I'm changing his diaper (a cry for help I'm guessing). I love when he tries to brush my hair. I love when he cuddles with me. I love the way he waves, the way he blows kisses.. I love his laugh, his smile, his toes... My list is endless.

He melts my heart, I love being his mommy.


my best friend's wedding

I am SO happy to have a day to relax.. I'm still in my pajamas! Its true what they say, keeping busy makes time fly.. i haven't had a single second to myself the last 3 days! Bryan and Richelle's wedding was yesterday! So it has been a pretty hectic week! I was really nervous to put in extensions for Richelle, i hadn't done any for about 2 years. But they turned out great, it gave her an extra 4-5 inches of hair and a lot more thickness! Her up do turned out really pretty too, she was very happy with it.. which is all i care about! I would love to finish hair school and get my license.. i love doing hair!

Richelle only got her braces off a week before her wedding, so i took her engagements for invitations and bridals for display at the wedding.. she wanted her REAL photographer to do engagements and bridals after her braces were off (btw.. he's incredible). He took their engagements on tuesday and i took a few bridal shots Thursday the day before her wedding! We went to this old tree house Bryan and his friends built when they were in high school. There was an old apple tree next to the tree house, so there were fallen apples all over the ground. It was a great location for taking pictures! i have a few of those pictures below. Her photographer Dustin Izatt is completely and totally out of this world amazing!!! He did an incredible job with the engagements and the wedding day! I'm going to watch him when richelle has her bridals done.. see what i can learn! if anyone is interested in looking at his site click here and to see Bryan and Richelle's engagements by him click here. I can't wait to see all the Bridesmaid pictures!!!

The wedding went perfect, more than perfect! It was the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen! We started the day early... like 5:45 am early! Richelle came to my house and I did her hair.. Taylor and I were planning on leaving for the temple at 8:15, and i finished Richelle's hair just before then! When i ran downstairs to get my dress on Taylor was STILL IN BED!!! AH! i think i scared him to death when i ran in the room and screamed "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!" he looked at me with glazed eyes and said "....uuuuuh, i'm sleeping" then he looked at the clock and realized why i was freaking out! We had to be to the temple no later than 9:35! lol. we ended up making it just in time. They were sealed in the salt lake temple. Once we were all in the sealing room waiting, a tall white haired man, with big glasses walked through the doors, the room erupted with whispers as Elder L Tom Perry took his place next to the alter. The room was filled with the spirit as he spoke of the imortance of marriage and sealed Bryan and Richelle for time and all eternity. We were all crying.. it was so incredible. Come to find out Bryan's past Mission President is Elder Perry's son. He specially requested him to seal them as a surprise for Richelle! The day couldn't have gotten better after that. The weather was absolutely perfect, 69 degrees and sunny! They had their reception at the Springville Art Museum, seriously my very favorite place for a reception. We had delicioius pumpkin bars, mini raspberry fruit tarts, and apple slices with AMAZING toffee carmel apple dip! it was HEAVEN! When they left the reception we lit their way with sparklers! It was a perfect wedding.


Anyhow.. long post, thats only a part of this weeks happenings! I am so happy for my best friend, she is so beautiful, and i am so happy for her and Bryan to start their life together! CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!!



Project: Diaper Pouch

October... my favorite month of the year. I can't believe its almost half over!!! It seems like the last 3 weeks have come and past way to quickly. Life has been pretty busy lately.. Taylor has been working like a mad man training all of 5 employees which are less than 2 months old to his stores. I don't know how he does it, he goes and goes all day long, works so hard, comes home helps with dinner and left over cleaning.. plays with Caden.. and still has time to make me feel like the most amazing girl in the world.. I am so lucky! Caden and I have been keeping ourselves busy with Christmas shopping, visiting my parents, doing fun halloween things, like going to Hee Haws. Not to mention my best friend is getting married on Friday, so thats kept us pretty busy too. I am going to be a little out of my mind the next 2 days trying to get last minute things done for her: putting her extensions in for her, practice up do, bridal photo session, editing and developing pictures for the reception, family & friend dinner the night before the wedding.. Temple sealing, doing the actual up do for pictures, reception... Whoa.. time crunch. But i'd do it all over again cause i love her and want her wedding to be perfect.

I finally had some extra time today to work on a fun little project: Diaper Pouch!!! My mother-in-law, Ingrid, gave me a cute diaper pouch when i first had Caden. However, i've used it so much over the last year that it's totally falling apart now. So i decided to try and copy it and make a 2 more (1 for the purse and 1 for the diaper bag). They turned out really cute!

Diaper Pouch

Diaper Pouch



Auntie Rae's First Dance

I am honestly blown away by my little sister. She seems to get more beautiful every day, she's so smart, and kind.. and she honestly makes me laugh more than anyone. I am positive we'll always be best friends! She was asked to her very first dance... HOMECOMING! She wore the same dress i wore to my first homecoming (how fun)! She asked me to do her hair and nails for the dance.. and she turned out GORGEOUS! We matched the nail polish to her "royal hot pink" dress. Here are a few pictures... Isn't she beautiful!

Rachel Homecoming

yes... he's really that tall
Rachel Homecoming