I honestly feel so blessed with all the opportunities I've been given to learn and grow in photography. I was thinking back to a year ago.. I had a 3 month old baby and no time for myself. I never would have dreamed I would have a real interest in photography. I took 2 years of photography in high school, I really liked it.. but never really applied it. My interest really seemed to spark last year over Thanksgiving in Idaho. My aunt Penny told me about the photography business my cousin Kara had started. I looked through a bunch of Kara's pictures and was completely amazed. The flame was started. In February my In-Laws so generously helped me get my very first camera! I never would have been able to get that camera without their help. I planned to use the camera in the automatic mode, mostly to take better pictures of Caden than my little point and shoot could. I stuck with that mentality for a few weeks, but again when I looked through Kara's pictures on her blog and website i was amazed! I really wanted to learn.. really really bad. I finally got up the courage to email her and ask her my millions of questions (i was convinced I'd never be able to learn it all). She gave me my wings. She told me what books to read, what websites to join, she taught me about equipment and editing. I can honestly say I've learned more from her than anyone. Ever since I learned the basics I've been given so many opportunities to grow. As I worked with my best friend Richelle, she gave me confidence in my pictures and working with clients. All of my family, immediate and extended, have been so supportive. 

I had the chance last week to tag along at Richelle's Bridal session and watch her amazing photographer: Dustin Izatt. I can honestly say I Idol his work! He was so cool, he let me take pictures along side him.. ask him any question I wanted to. What a learning experience. I think the thing I learned most was: I have a LOT to learn! I'm sure that will always be the case though, that's what life is all about: LEARNING! I am really so grateful for every opportunity I have been given. Thanks to everyone who has inspired me, taught me, encouraged me, supported me and appreciated me. It means more than I can express!


Check out Richelle and Bryan's Wedding pictures and Bridals (the ones I tagged along for)! Dustin just put them up on his blog! They are absolutely amazing, click HERE for wedding and HERE for Bridals!

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