Coolest Big Brother

This picture just about sums it up! We are so excited to finally be expecting baby #2.

Caden is going to be a big brother in 6 months! Being a mommy of 2? I am so excited. The fact that we are really having a baby is starting to sink in! Sometimes I felt like this day would never come.  It was a long process and took a lot of faith and prayer, but baby #2 is finally coming! Feeling the little twitch of baby kicks is making it more real for me every day. The lack of posts on this blog may partially have been due to no energy and not feeling so well. Or maybe I just got lazy for a couple of months ;) I am excited to be in my second trimester and I'm hoping it brings lots of energy and motivation! Oh, yes, I need it.

The Due Date is: July 1, 2010

We are so excited and ready to have a new little baby at our house!

Once There Was A Snowman..

I'm not going to lie. I was a little distraught over the fact that we might not get a white Christmas. This coming from Mrs. "I hate snow" is kind of a big deal. Waking up this morning to a very white world has my Christmas spirits soaring! Our deck looked like it had enough snow to make a little snowman and oh how my little boy loves playing in the snow. I went in his room to wake him up, threw some snow clothes on and we were out in the snow before we even ate breakfast! He had so much fun rolling and patting the 3 balls into place. He loved the carrot nose and button eyes. He really felt that we needed a button for the snowman's "shirt" {hence the single button ;)}. He was so proud of his work. He begged me to call daddy to come home and see his creation. When I ran to grab my camera, I came back out to see him hugging and kissing the snowman. I laughed, asking him what he was doing, his reply was simply "Mama, love snowman. Kiss snowman!". Could he be any more stinkin' cute? He has been walking around all morning singing "snowman, snowman.. tall, Tall, TALL!"

snow man

snow man

snow mansnow man

snow man

We are all pretty happy about the white outside! I can't wait for Christmas!



Magical Time of Year

Christmas is 6 days away. I can hardly believe it. How have the months passed so quickly since this time last year? It's been a whirlwind. Now to top it off we have the best holiday a few days away.

Christmas really is a magical time of year. The love, family coming together, celebrating the birth of our savior, the snow (which may not come this year), the excitement of Santa coming. It is all so magical. Nothing makes this Christmas more magical than having a little 2 year old. He makes me excited. His dash to the tree in the morning to plug in the lights. The reminder that we have to move the mouse on our Calendar. He brings the spirit of Christmas into our home.

We are planning on sleeping at our house for Christmas this year. Our very first Christmas at home. Santa will come and hopefully bring Caden a certain 2 presents... Toy Story 3 and a Bike ;) oh please don't forget Santa. Caden has been a very good boy this year. We have really enjoyed doing some family Christmas traditions: candy advents, decorating our tree together, build-a-bear, visiting Santa at the mall, watching our favorite holiday films.. and burning our magic Christmas candle.

We got some new ornaments for our tree this year. Caden found adorable little birds in a basket while we were shopping. I couldn't say no to that cute little face of his, and the birds were really cute! We pulled out a few of the ornaments that my mom gave from my childhood collection. Caden quickly fell in love with my little Santa Clause. He will stare at him and pat the little penguin's head. Sometimes I catch him talking to Santa saying things like "I good boy", "reindeer fly in the sky", "Toy Story, Bike". It melts my heart. He loves Santa. He would do just about anything for him ;) Our tree has been Caden's pride and joy. He plugs it in first thing in the morning, and he makes sure it stays on all day.




I always looked forward to our candy advents. We would choose anything we wanted to put in it: candy, crackers, gum, fruit snacks. You name it. This year we used york, peanut m&ms, butterfinger, snickers, and scooby snacks. Caden helped me lay the candy out (and stole pieces when I wasn't looking). We wrapped them in red plastic wrap and tied them with green ribbon. Then hung them over our pantry door. Each day we cut one candy off. This has to be one of Taylor's favorite traditions. His candy is always cut to the exact day ;)


And for our Magic candle. This is the best tradition ever invented. Thank you dad for being so creative. When I was a girl I was always so amazed by this magic candle. I still to this day do not know how it works. My brother and I have examined every candle my dad has made, cut it apart, watched him endlessly while it burns on Christmas eve.. and we still don't know the trick. When I called my dad at the beginning of the month I asked what I needed to do this magic candle. A candle with wax the same color through the core, and puff paint. I proceeded to ask him "so.. dad.. what do I do to it? I mean, how does it work?" He started laughing uncontrollably. He couldn't believe I still didn't know how this magic candle works. He told me he'd show me Christmas week (yes, I am anxious to find out!) 

You start with 24 dots on the candle. Every night we light the candle and read scriptures about Jesus until one dot burns off. On Christmas eve we read the story of Jesus's birth. This night is different. Santa is getting ready to leave his work shop any minute to bring presents to our house. While dad would read we all watched the candle very closely. The flame starts to flicker, the wick falls and the candle goes out. SANTA IS COMING!!! Somehow this magic candle goes out by itself on Christmas eve. Meaning Santa is on his way! We run to our beds and try to fall asleep as fast as we can ;)

 I am so excited to have our own magic candle this year. Caden loves lighting it and watching it burn a dot every night. Every night he points to the very last dot and says "Santa Clause". He knows. I can't wait to watch the magic in 5 days! The excitement makes me feel like a kid again.



During this Christmas season the true magic is feeling the overwhelming spirit fill our home as we read scriptures and sing Christmas hymns. Remembering the birth of our Savior. Remembering what he has done for each and every one of us. I am so grateful. I am blessed with a beautiful little family. Taylor has a good job that he loves.  We have a place to call home. We are close to both of our families. We are truly blessed.

May the magic of Christmas fill everyone's hearts and homes.



Water Bottle Perfection

Stocking stuffer anyone?

I had to share this brilliant invention. Camelbak is awesome! Right? I mean I don't know how everyone else feels.. but I really love their products. My friend introduced me to this amazing bottle a few months ago.. and needless to say... I had to buy it. Perfect for stocking stuffer! These water bottles are so cool. The Better Bottle is completely spill-proof (really), BPA-Free.. and my favorite part.. they have a straw! You can drink from these without lifting them! Perfect! The nipple folds back and they have a plastic loop making it easy to clip it onto something. They have 3 different sizes and 11 different colors. And they are super easy to clean. They even have cute kid sized bottles with adorable designs printed around the outside.
Yes, I bought one for each of us :) and I can't wait to open mine!



The Funny Things He Says

I'm feeling a little guilty. My camera hasn't been out much in the last month. I haven't taken the time to even draft a few posts about thanksgiving, Christmas tree, holiday traditions.. and most importantly my adorable little boy. I don't know what caused my lack of motivation to start Christmas shopping this year. I seriously waited to start till it was 3 weeks away! Shame on me. Now I am suffering the lack of time during the holidays! We are headed out to finish a project at color me mine (one present) and pick up a few more small items at the mall. I am completely finished with Caden's shopping (yes I bought too much for him). How does anyone stop buying for their cute little kids? I see something and think, ooooo Caden would love that! Then buy it. As I was finishing all the wrapping yesterday I felt so guilty about the gigantic pile of stuff for Caden and the 4 little presents I had for Taylor :( Guess that's what happens when his stuff costs 1/4th as much as Taylor's presents.

Christmas is a week away! I am so excited! Next week is going to be insane with Christmas parties! Food, Family, Friends! And I am praying for snow. Yes. You heard me right. We have no snow. Our streets are bone dry and the sun has shown through clear blue skies for the last 2 weeks. I checked the 10 day forecast and it says *SNOW* for Christmas Eve and Christmas! Please let it be, it just isn't Christmas without the snow!

We still have a bunch of little traditions to do next week before the big day arrives:

1) Make sugar cookies and take to friends!
2) Watch Holiday Inn
3) Watch Christmas Story
4) Go see a nativity Scene
5) Make Gingersnap Cookies for Santa
{didn't you know those are his favorite ;)}

and anything else that comes to mind....

My cute little boy is SO excited for Christmas. He is so fun and cute. I love this age, well I love every age, but this age is so fun. He has learned the actions and most of the words to: patty cake, itsy bitsy spider, popcorn popping and once there was a snowman. We sing them all the time. I should post some videos. He is also saying the funniest things. Here are some that have made me burst out laughing:

- When we leave the house to go anywhere Caden always has to bring a few toys. Usually it consists of his stuffed animals "horsey dodo" or "doggy" and a toy car. This particular morning my arms were full, I was carrying hoodies for both of us and my coat, a wipe case and Caden's gloves. I was in a hurry and needed to get down to the car quickly. I asked Caden to hand me his doggy on top of the pile in my left arm and then I picked him up in my left arm to carry him down the stairs. As soon as we started going down He reached into my arm and pulled his doggy off the top. I was holding everything tightly and him pulling sent the wipe case flying down the stairs. I looked at him and said "CADEN! don't do that when I'm carrying everything." He looked at me confused and said "Mama, DOGGY did it!" I couldn't stop laughing. He's starting early, blame it on someone else!

- We were making crepes for dinner one night and I was pouring and flipping them in the pan while Taylor was setting the table. Caden was helping Taylor but wandered over towards me. He patted my bum and said "good boy Mama."

- We went to Sizzlers with our good friends on a weekend. Caden eats for free there and we LOVE it! I went to the salad bar and got him some things I thought he would like: watermelon, grapes, tortilla chips and guacamole, fishy crackers, and vanilla and chocolate pudding. While the rest of us were waiting for our food we were all just talking. I looked over at Caden's plate and he had spooned tons of chocolate pudding onto one of the tortilla chips. He looked up at me, smiled and said "mama, chocolate chip!"

We sure love him. I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season! If I'm lucky I might get to some new posts with pictures this weekend!



Christmas Spirit

December is finally here! I can already tell this Christmas is going to be so much fun for our little family. Caden loves our Christmas tree. Every morning he runs out of bed and plugs in the lights and they don't go off till he goes to bed at night. He is so excited for Santa Clause to come to our house. He loves the nativity scenes and holding the little baby Jesus my mom has in her nativity collection from Jerusalem. We are definitely feeling the Christmas spirit at our house.

I finally added our Christmas album onto the blog. These are a compilation of our family's favorite Christmas songs. This is what we love listening to at our house.

Christmas time really makes me reflect on family and how important they really are to me. I love being so close to family. I am so glad that Caden has aunts and uncles that love him and play with him and teach him. I am so grateful for my husband and little boy. They mean the world to me. I am so lucky to have wonderful Grandparents. I love them all so much. My Grandpa Leishman passed away about a year and a half ago after battling cancer for many years. This season always brings back all the fun memories I have of him. I remember every year at our family Christmas party he would always request that we sing Silent Night as the last of the Christmas carols. He has forever made that one of my favorite Christmas songs. In the Taylor Swift holiday album that was released last Christmas I found the most beautiful arrangement of Silent Night. I love Taylor Swift. The first time I heard her arrangement of this song I wished I had been able to share it with my Grandpa. I can't stop the tears from welling up in my eyes every time I listen to it. So Grandpa I hope you can hear this beautiful song. I think about you every time I hear it. I love you and miss you.


This is a great album if anyone is looking for good Christmas tunes! Of course I am partial... but I definitely recommend it ;)

If you want to listen to Silent Night go to the bottom of the left column and click on Silent Night in my music playlist.



Just a Teaser Picture

Yes! We finally had some family pictures taken, it's about time now that Caden is 2! I'm so glad we got out before the cold weather rushed in. We are busy, busy, busy with the holidays fast approaching. And I know I'm far behind on my blogging. Christmas shopping and decorating my family room have been consuming my time. I can't wait to get the rest of these pictures done! Thanks to Richelle for doing such a great job, love you girl! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

family pics



Happy Halloween

Oh Halloween. I love you. October is by far my favorite month.. and since Halloween falls right into October.. I happens to be one of my favorite holidays.

I couldn't believe how much difference a year made in Caden's excitement for Halloween. He was begging to go trick-or-treating a week before Halloween. Now if you know our family.. you know we are die hard Cougar fans. And True blue must run in my little boys blood. He loves BYU. Especially BYU football. There are some days when he tells me he doesn't want to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, he wants to watch BYU Cougar football. Yes I'm serious. Good thing I love watching football too. Caden chose his costume for Halloween. We took him to a costume shop and let him walk around. He narrowed it down to 2 costumes: Elmo, or a BYU football player. Hmmm. Now which one is more practical? Football of course! How many of our future kids will be wearing this outfit for football games and Halloween? Plus Mommy and Daddy already had costumes to match!  haha. He was so excited, I had to pull it out of the box several times before Halloween to let him look at it or try it on. When Halloween came he was so excited for me to paint the black under his eyes. He held so still. He took the whole matter very seriously ;)

Since Halloween landed on a Sunday this year everyone went trick-or-treating on Saturday. Unfortunately the weather was wet and cold. That didn't put a damper in our step. Caden made the entire round in my parents neighborhood. Then we took the van and drove through the big neighborhoods to get the big candy. I figured I would just keep Caden in the van while my siblings ran up to the doors.. that was not what Caden had in mind though. He wanted to hit every door and sit in the trunk with his cool uncles. I felt like he was saying "Don't you know mom.. that's the cool thing to do." He got so much candy. Five or six full sized candy bars, money.. and a full ice cream bucket of candy! Yes I was shocked. I swear he got more candy then I ever got as a kid. After trick-or-treating, we headed back to my parents and watched a "scary" movie (according to my mom) called Rear Window staring James Stewart. Haha. I laugh thinking about it. My mom swore it was the scariest movie she ever saw when she was 23. The movie was around 120 min long and it didn't get even slightly suspenseful until the last 10 minutes. Haha. Oh, I love you Mom. Surprisingly Caden watched the entire movie.. He thought it was pretty suspenseful ;) or maybe it was just the Orange Julius and Popcorn that was keeping him seated?

It was a great Halloween once again!


Taylor and I dressed as Caden's football fans. Caden of course was a BYU football player. Jarom wasn't dressed yet. Ben was the Nutty Professor. Nanny was Jack Sparrow. And Rachel was Nanny's parrot. I loved her feather eyelashes! They looked so amazing.



We just so happened to get our favorite Cougar's (now Colt) number!

Tough guy! I love his cute face!








Can anyone guess what Caden's favorite candy was???



On All Hallows Eve

I just had to share a little part from my brother's email last week. I seriously got goosebumps from this picture. It is amazing how different holidays can be in other countries. Coming from America where Halloween is basically all commercial.. to Lithuania where it is all spiritual. Pretty amazing. I love hearing about Lithuania's culture!

"We carved pumpkins on Sunday, it was fun. The only pumpkin that I could find was greenish blue! They don't have the big round ones like back at home. It looked cool though and we did some traditional faces. I had to keep up the tradition of carving pumpkins! Yesterday we also went to a big graveyard here in Kaunas to see one of the holidays that they celebrate. November 1st is called All Saints Day. The legend goes: that on All Hollows Eve all the spirits rise from their graves. The day after, All Saint's Day, the souls return to their graves. But sometimes they lose their way and they need to be guided back. So the people in the city go and put candles on the graves so the souls can find their way back. The graveyards are COVERED in candles and it is so cool! It's totally something that you would never see in America."
 - Elder Leishman



Ooo. A graveyard in the forest, totally creepy. I love this picture!



Pumpkin Patch

Taylor found this cute little pumpkin patch near our house. He is so cute, always wanting to start new traditions. I love that about him :D

Caden has been dying to get a baby Bunkin. Our Neighbors had 3 pumpkins sitting by their door for a couple weeks before Halloween. Every time we would leave the house he would bend down and count "1, 2, 3 Bunkin!" and take their little boy's baby pumpkin and put it by our door. Haha. No Caden, put it back. We'll get you a baby pumpkin soon. He was so excited when we went to the pumpkin patch and he got to pick out his very own baby pumpkin. They even had cute wagons to pull the pumpkins in. It was really so fun. The guy thought Caden was so cute that he gave us his baby pumpkin for free. It took his little hands freezing to put the wagon back and get in the car.






{don't mind my frumpiness, this is the only picture of me}


Happy Halloween!



I'm dreaming of....

In the words of Taylor:
"I'm dreaming of a white.... Halloween?!?"

Well no actually. I prefer my October without snow. But yes Utah.. I still love you. Even if you decide to snow in my favorite month of the year. We'll just keep hoping that this weekend comes with no snow and lots of fun. There was, however, a certain little boy who was pretty excited about the snow.