Build-a-Bear: Britton and Caden

A few weeks before Christmas, while Taylor and I were finishing up our Christmas shopping, we passed the Build-A-Bear Workshop in the mall. I seriously love that place. We went in and looked at all the cute animals! They had this fluffy dog, he was SO cute (I fell in love)..  I thought he would be a perfect sleeping buddy for our little man.  I really wanted to build it for Caden a for Christmas, but we ended up deciding it would probably be more fun to let him build his own. We had been making that list of activities to do over the break and I figured it would be a fun little activity for Britton and Caden to do together! Grammy took all 4 of us (Britton, Maddy, Caden and Me) a few days before Maddy and Bryce flew home.

We let the boys loose to look at all the different stuffed animals, they totally didn't get it... but eventually they noticed the animals lining the wall.  Caden loved the horsey, he wouldn't stop buzzing his lips making the horsey sound. I'm sure that would have been his first choice in a stuffed animal, but I thought the dog would be better for sleeping with. (Taylor and I ended up taking him back a few days ago for a little Momma, Dada Caden date, and let him build the horsey, and he totally loves it!) Britton got the same cute dog as Caden and we started the workshop! We skipped the sound boxes and headed to the stuffing department. They stepped on the pedal to fill their animals, gave them a great big hug and put a little heart inside.  Next was the grooming station, they brushed and blew their puppies till they were clean and fluffy! We looked through the accessories, but all the boys were really interested in were the little red teddy cars. They honked the horns, pushed them around, and sat inside. I think we had all 6 of the cars scattered around the back of the shop! What a sight... typical boys ;) We finished with the birth certificates and a little house for each dog. Caden named his "Bobby" and Britton named his "Buddy" (I think?) It was quite the adventure! Caden loves his Bobby, he sleeps with him every night! Thanks for the fun day Grammy!

Build a bear
The dog is sticking his tongue out, so Caden was trying to mimic the dog and lick him {gag} fur in the mouth!

Build a bear
I love this picture of Britton, it's so sweet!
Build a bear

Build a bear

Build a bear





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