can anyone say CHEESE?

Ever since this kid turned 10 months old it has been a constant struggle to get him to look at the camera and smile. I'm sure other photographer moms can relate? He would do anything in his power to ruin the picture: look down, look up, look to the side, close his eyes, run away, cover his face with his hands... you name it? Having his picture taken too much {my fault} made him hate the camera. And unless I had someone else there to get him to look and smile.. a good picture was practically impossible. BUT not anymore!!! {muah-ha-ha-ha} He is beginning to understand BRIBES!

As I was attempting to take some pictures of him yesterday he was looking away and closing his eyes as usual.. and I stopped {what am I going to do?} It hit me! Get something to bribe him with!!! I grabbed a chip off the counter and walked back to him. "Caden, sit right here and I'll give you a chip!"... he ran and sat down in the spot... "I'll give you this chip if you look at Momma and smile!".. This is the picture I captured. His very best attempt to smile at the camera. It looks something like a mix between a growl face and a totally cheesey smile. I couldn't stop laughing. I am thrilled! This is the beginning of a new world for me. If I can bribe him to smile with his cute smile.. GLORIOUS!

Isn't he so lovable?
can anyone say cheese?


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