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Over Thanksgiving Bret and Ingrid told all of the kids that we are now in charge of planning activities when we are having a family gathering. So after our fun trip to Park City we all started emailing and getting schedules together so we could get as many fun activities in as we could! We each added to the list and it came out to be something like this:
chhristmas activities

We can proudly say all but 2 things off the list were achieved! I didn't mind too much skipping the sledding and tubing at Soldiers Hollow, although they would have been fun.. I am always ok with being dry and warm instead of covered in snow ;) The day after Christmas we planned to visit the Draper Temple to do a whole stack of family sealings. It was such an amazing experience, it was my and Taylor's first time doing sealings other than our own! The spirit was so strong and I am sure a families rejoiced in heaven! It was one of the highlights of my Christmas break. After the temple we headed to Cucina Toscana in Salt Lake.. this place is possibly the greatest restaurant I have ever been to. It's an incredible authentic Italian restaurant run by a friend of Bret and Ingrids. Every time I eat there, I feel like I've died and gone to heaven. The crown on top of all the delicious courses of food is their desert. They have the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted, it has a slightly bitter dark chocolate taste and is completely DIVINE! I hope we keep it a tradition to go there every year!
Temple Sealings as a Family: CHECK! Cucina Toscana: CHECK!

Sunday after Christmas we started the flower headband project. Ingrid bought some plain metal headbands off etsy and had the brilliant idea to decorate them with homemade fabric flowers. We each, kind of, made up our own patterns of how to sew these flowers, and they all turned out so cute! I made 4 headbands, more than my fair share... but I wanted every color! I now have black, brown, cream and b&w flower headbands.. and I LOVE them!
Make Flower Headbands: CHECK!

flower headbands

flower headbands

Monday night we went to Color Me Mine for the family night special. I love this place... I'm pretty sure I'm obsessed with it. It's therapeutic! Taylor and I agreed that 3rd time's the charm, we both felt pro and were able to make our best creations yet! Ingrid, Ross and Triest made really cute mugs (he-hem, excuse me Ross's was manly, not cute). Bret made a very cool BYU vase. Oma made an intricate giraffe print plate, and Taylor and I made Cereal bowl/mugs! I thoroughly enjoyed this activity!
Color Me Mine: CHECK!

Color me mine 3
  {check out her cute flower headband}
Color me mine 3
{Ingrids Mug, I love this idea}
Color me mine 3

Color me mine 3

I'll call it good for this post, coming soon: New Years and Build-A-Bear!

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