I couldn't let this one go. Caden does and says so many cute little things, and I rarely take the time to write them down. Tonight was one of the single sweetest things he's ever done. I put him to bed at his normal bedtime and after a few minutes he started crying. I went in, handed him his bottle and told him it was time for nigh night and walked out. He was quiet for a little while, but started crying again. I thought maybe he wasn't quite ready for bed or he just needed to be held for a minute. I sat with him in the rocking chair and started singing: I am a Child of God. I ended up singing several primary songs one after the other, and finally he was very still. I figured he was asleep, so I paused for a minute. As soon as I stopped singing he looked up at me and in his sweet little voice said: "Jesus."  My eyes filled with tears as he laid his head back on my chest. None of the songs I sang included Jesus's name, but he knew. I'm sure he felt the spirit. I am continually amazed by little children. They know Jesus. It doesn't take much for them understand who he is and what feelings accompany the spirit.

I love my sweet little boy. I hope he knows that.


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