- Seven Days -

It has been one year since I got my first professional camera. crazy! I have loved every minute of the photography experience.  I've learned so much from friends, family and books along the way. I can't thank those who've helped me enough. I definitely have a passion for photography, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! 

Last Friday I participated in a live music video production for my cousin Patrick. I was asked to do hair and photography for the video. This was my first experience with photographing someone in serious motion. It was definitely a challenge! It took me the 2 practice runs to feel like I could handle it. The dance was beautiful and the lighting was perfect. We took the dance from several different angles and positions. My biggest challenge was working around the filmers, photography wasn't the first priority.. So I had to make sure I wasn't in their way. We shot several different scenes following the dance, but I can't ruin all of the surprises ;) My favorite of the scenes was the dancer, Christine, in the formal gown. The red dress was perfect fit and color for her, and the set. It made for some great pictures.

Check out my cousin's music and first music video "Lianna" on his website  If the video we filmed, Seven Days, turns out anything like Lianna... It's going to be pretty amazing. I'll make sure to let you know when it's being released!

7 Days

{Abby Steele did an amazing job on make up}

7 Days

7 Days





7 Days

7 Days

7 Days

7 Days

7 days

7 Days

7 Days

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sneek peak

7 days

i'm workin on more
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this is me.

here are 40 random things about me.

...... and GO!

1. i am the oldest child in my family

2. i am part Scottish {dunno how big of a part}

3. i make lists constantly.. i have to or i forget things

4. i am terrified of squishing any bug {i get the shoe and stand over it... and I CAN'T DO IT!!!}

5. i want 4-5 kids {depending on how many boys/girls I get}

6. i am semi-allergic to chocolate

7. i sleep on my stomach. pregnancy was a nightmare in the sleep department

8.  i hate milk on my cereal, i always poor it off of my spoon before i eat it {it makes me gag when i
hear people slurp their cereal off their spoon full of milk.. i'm gagging thinking about it}

9. i have permanent eyeliner

10. i graduated high school with a 3.985 gpa {stupid psychology teacher gave me an A- by .03%... still bitter}

11. my ideal family would be 2 boys and 3 girls, in that order

12. i was born in Provo, Utah

13. i don't like wearing lipgloss

14. i L.O.V.E. bubble gum flavored trident

15. i collected anything to do with frogs from the time i was 11 till i was 13. i have quite a handsome collection ;)

16. i have only been out of the U.S. once, to cuauhtemoc: chihuahua mexico

17. my cat's name is kakini which means socks in hawaiian {she lives at my parents house}

18. i've always dreamed of being a tornado chaser {you know the movie "twister"? ya.. i wanted to be that kind of tornado chaser}

19. i hate wearing foundation or powder on my face. HATE. i will only wear concealer

20. i haven't been on an airplane since i was 8 {so... 13 years ago} i'm kinda scared of flying now

21. i prefer sewing without a pattern {patterns confuse me}

22. my favorite clothing store would be the banana republic outlet in park city

23. i pick at my split ends all the time, nervous habit or something

24. i have 37 first cousins

25. math was my favorite subject in school

26. i have REALLY curly hair

27. i'm anti-pharmaceutical drugs {i like the natural stuff}

30. i love cranberry juice

31. i have driven cross country 7 times {well.. been driven in a car or bus}

32. i bit my nails till i was 12

33. biologe fortify is the best shampoo i've ever used

34. i have moved 14 almost 15 times {don't believe me? I'll list the moves in order for you: Provo, Farmington, State College, Bountiful, Farmington, State College, Elkheart, Farmington, Elkheart, Farmington, Pleasant Grove, Springville, Orem, Alpine... and in 2 weeks we'll be moving to Pleasant Grove}

35. i am a very grumpy morning person

36. i met my husband when i was 16

37. i am really good at making dry ice bombs

38. someday i want to have a wood shop of my own to build and refinish furniture

39. i like cake better without frosting

40. i only wear mac eyeshadow



Happy Valentines Day

To all our family and friends, We love you! Have a wonderful, love filled Valentines Day!

valentines day



Banana Ice Cream

I just had to share this recipe with everyone. My MIL Ingrid sent me a link for this recipe a few weeks ago. Caden loves bananas.. he eats at least one every day. She was dead on that this recipe would be a hit. I was a little skeptical of the concept, but it really does turn out just like they have shown. It is a delicious 100% healthy treat! You could even feed it to your 5 month old baby. It really only takes a few minutes to make, so give it a shot! I bet you'll like it just as much as Caden and I.

{The following is copied directly from the actual recipe, so you can follow it here or click on the link to check it out on the website}

Bananas can tend to get a bitter taste to them after freezing and it's intensified if they're under-ripe So definitely use very ripe bananas for this. They shouldn't be brown-mushy-banana-bread-ripe, but ripe. I found the best ones to be like the ones below, where the outsides were spotty but the insides weren't brown yet at all. They were super sweet.


Try it with about 3 medium bananas. Slice or dice into small pieces (to make the blending part easier) and place in the freezer on a plate or cookie sheet.

Place frozen banana chunks into a food processor or blender (they will work the same).


Can you guess the next step? Ya, blend those babies up. Depending on the size of your food processor, the amount of bananas, and how frozen they are, you may have to stop it a few times and scrape and mush the mixture around. I've had to do that every time.


The first time I tried this I was concerned when my mixture never turned into anything resembling ice cream. It just looked like tiny little grains, much like couscous!


But all I had to do was grab a spatula and when I stirred them even the tiniest bit, ta-da!


Sure enough it was smooth, creamy, and looked just like ice cream!

Now looking like ice cream is one thing, but what about the taste and texture? I was very surprised to find that this stuff actually feels like ice cream in my mouth. It tastes like- let's be real here, bananas. But it's still quite delish. One of the great things you can do is add some mix-ins to the food processor along with bananas. Sure it won't make it "one" ingredient ice cream anymore, but it's sure yummy. I tried one batch with some cinnamon-sugar, one with a spoonful of peanut butter, and our personal favorite: a scoop of heaven. Er...I mean, Nutella.

It's really amazing how much frozen bananas can resemble ice cream.




I'm Obsessed

My blog has taken a major beating in the "attention" department. I've really had no time to blog.. I hate it when that happens. I feel like my journal falls behind and adds to my catch up list. Oh well, life goes on. Taylor is loving his new job, I am loving having him home every day at the same time and on weekends.. and Caden loves going to visit both Dada AND Poppy at the same work :) Weather has been surprisingly better than usual in February. Sunshine, clear skies, snow melting.. but still cold. Maybe my positive attitude about winter is paying off ;) I have lots to blog about over the next month.. So don't forget to check in! As for my latest obsessions... Here we go:


First off I have to say I'm obsessed with Essie nail polish, ever since my SIL Maddy showed me her miracle nail products: including Essie polish... I've been hooked. Status Symbol is my absolute favorite color from their collection. I've been wearing it for almost a month now, and for me that is a long time. My nail color usually changes at least once a week! This is the perfect shade of pink. It is not too purple, not too red, not too hot.. its a warm peachy pink.. and I'm obsessed with it.

Status Symbol


I promised I would post about the obsession my family has with this movie.. Here it is. This is perhaps the single greatest animation film I've ever seen. When it first came out I never bothered to see it because so many people said it was a dumb movie that really wasn't funny. After weeks and weeks of my younger siblings telling me I needed to see it I finally caved. I watched it with them for the first time last fall, I wasn't expecting anything great.. but totally wrong in my expectations. IT WAS HILARIOUS!!! Of course I think my siblings crying from laughing so hard just added to the funny parts. BUT seriously, it is a must see movie. We quote it all the time. All through November and December I kept saying "I really should buy that for myself for Christmas"... little did I know that all of my siblings were fighting over the purchased copy of the movie and who was going to give it to me for Christmas :) My sister won and surprised me with the movie on Christmas morning. I have watched it with Caden at least 8 times since Christmas. I never cease to laugh.. I am obsessed.

Christmas Presents


I love smoothies, and since Christmas I have used my Blendtec almost every day. I love experimenting around with fruits and juices to create the perfect blend. My favorite smoothie so far has been my strawberry, banana, passion fruit smoothie.

Instructions {for 1 smoothie}
1 banana
6-8 large frozen strawberries
1-2 cups of Kerns passion fruit juice
very small scoop of ice cream (optional)

I taste it and see if it needs more juice or strawberries or banana. The ice cream takes away from the healthy side of it, so I usually don't add it.. but it sure adds a little creamy sweet kick ;) I make it almost every day and share it with Caden.. he even pulls out the passion fruit juice from the fridge and asks me to make the "JUICE". We love it... and we're obsessed.



For anyone who doesn't know what sudoku is you should definitely look it up, and anyone who knows what sudoku is and has never played it.... shame on you! It is the greatest mind game on paper ever invented. There are so many things I love about this game. It is pure logic.. no guessing, there is a correct answer for every empty square. It makes me think.. talk to myself. It feels good to make my brain work. When I was in high school and college I always completed the sudoku puzzles in the newspaper, it drove me nuts waiting for the paper the next day to check my answers! I was walking through the mall a couple of weeks ago and one of the bookstores was closing. I looked through what was left in the store, a few good books.. and a SUDOKU CALENDAR! You know the kind you tear off every day? Well it has been something to look forward to every day.. I get to complete a puzzle then tear it off and wait for the next day! Brilliant.. I'm obsessed



This is something my mom would be surprised to hear. I have never liked lucky charms or marshmallow mateys. If it was the only cereal left in the house and I had to eat it, I made sure to pick out every last marshmallow. I hated the texture, hard, chalky, grit on your teeth... it made me cringe. When we went down to babysit in January this was the main cereal they had in the cupboard. I decided to give it a shot since I really hadn't tried it for 2 years. I LOVED it! Shocking! I really really loved it! The entire family sized bag was gone by the end of 10 days, and I will admit it was mostly My and Cadens doing. Now I am totally obsessed!

marshmallow mateys




I am totally spent. I haven't been this exhausted and desperate do to NOTHING! My last 2 weeks have been insane. Let me explain:

Starting 2 weeks ago:

Caden had a bad cold
I caught the cold from him
cleaning the house
5 loads of laundry washed, dried, folded and put away
rearranging furniture
more cleaning
packing for myself and C for a 10 day stay
10 days in Springville tending my 4 younger siblings while my parents were on a cruise

While there: wake up early, make breakfast, send the kids to school, laundry, cleaning, help with homework, deliver packages to lane in the mtc, making dinner, cleaning, play wackee 6, breakfast, getting everyone ready for church, doing dishes, shower, folding laundry, putting it away, FHE, cleaning, play phase 10, baths for the boys, waking up with Caden 2 times a night, waking up early, doing Rachel's hair every day, helping with homework, pack Taylors lunch, make dinner, cleaning, getting everyone ready for church, dishes... laundry... folding... cleaning... {see a pattern}

wash, dry and fold all of my and Cadens clothes
pack everything back up
drop car off for software update
move everything to Taylors car
drop Taylor back at work
drive home
unload car
unpack and put everything away
make a grocery list
grocery shopping
make dinner
shower {finally}
best night sleep in 2 weeks
up early
make Taylor's lunch
Caden bath
get ready for the day
house hunting with April
looked through 6 places
found 1 we like
drove home
made dinner
helped Taylor pack for his business trip
bed {late}
wake up {early}
send Taylor off
sit down at my computer and type this..............


I am pooped. It has been the fastest 2 weeks of my life. Time not only flies when you're having fun, but when you're busy! It was so fun to spend time with my family, I am so happy my parents could go on the cruise.. I would do it again any day. My mother is incredible.. I don't know how she does it. I was dead tired after a week of her schedule, and she's been doing it for 21 years! I guess you build up to it with each child you have. I have so much to blog about.. I really feel behind. I'm also trying to keep up with my brothers mission blog as well:

I am so glad to be home... hopefully I can catch up with life in the next few days. I've got another busy day ahead of me, so wish me luck!