I am totally spent. I haven't been this exhausted and desperate do to NOTHING! My last 2 weeks have been insane. Let me explain:

Starting 2 weeks ago:

Caden had a bad cold
I caught the cold from him
cleaning the house
5 loads of laundry washed, dried, folded and put away
rearranging furniture
more cleaning
packing for myself and C for a 10 day stay
10 days in Springville tending my 4 younger siblings while my parents were on a cruise

While there: wake up early, make breakfast, send the kids to school, laundry, cleaning, help with homework, deliver packages to lane in the mtc, making dinner, cleaning, play wackee 6, breakfast, getting everyone ready for church, doing dishes, shower, folding laundry, putting it away, FHE, cleaning, play phase 10, baths for the boys, waking up with Caden 2 times a night, waking up early, doing Rachel's hair every day, helping with homework, pack Taylors lunch, make dinner, cleaning, getting everyone ready for church, dishes... laundry... folding... cleaning... {see a pattern}

wash, dry and fold all of my and Cadens clothes
pack everything back up
drop car off for software update
move everything to Taylors car
drop Taylor back at work
drive home
unload car
unpack and put everything away
make a grocery list
grocery shopping
make dinner
shower {finally}
best night sleep in 2 weeks
up early
make Taylor's lunch
Caden bath
get ready for the day
house hunting with April
looked through 6 places
found 1 we like
drove home
made dinner
helped Taylor pack for his business trip
bed {late}
wake up {early}
send Taylor off
sit down at my computer and type this..............


I am pooped. It has been the fastest 2 weeks of my life. Time not only flies when you're having fun, but when you're busy! It was so fun to spend time with my family, I am so happy my parents could go on the cruise.. I would do it again any day. My mother is incredible.. I don't know how she does it. I was dead tired after a week of her schedule, and she's been doing it for 21 years! I guess you build up to it with each child you have. I have so much to blog about.. I really feel behind. I'm also trying to keep up with my brothers mission blog as well:

I am so glad to be home... hopefully I can catch up with life in the next few days. I've got another busy day ahead of me, so wish me luck!


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