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My blog has taken a major beating in the "attention" department. I've really had no time to blog.. I hate it when that happens. I feel like my journal falls behind and adds to my catch up list. Oh well, life goes on. Taylor is loving his new job, I am loving having him home every day at the same time and on weekends.. and Caden loves going to visit both Dada AND Poppy at the same work :) Weather has been surprisingly better than usual in February. Sunshine, clear skies, snow melting.. but still cold. Maybe my positive attitude about winter is paying off ;) I have lots to blog about over the next month.. So don't forget to check in! As for my latest obsessions... Here we go:


First off I have to say I'm obsessed with Essie nail polish, ever since my SIL Maddy showed me her miracle nail products: including Essie polish... I've been hooked. Status Symbol is my absolute favorite color from their collection. I've been wearing it for almost a month now, and for me that is a long time. My nail color usually changes at least once a week! This is the perfect shade of pink. It is not too purple, not too red, not too hot.. its a warm peachy pink.. and I'm obsessed with it.

Status Symbol


I promised I would post about the obsession my family has with this movie.. Here it is. This is perhaps the single greatest animation film I've ever seen. When it first came out I never bothered to see it because so many people said it was a dumb movie that really wasn't funny. After weeks and weeks of my younger siblings telling me I needed to see it I finally caved. I watched it with them for the first time last fall, I wasn't expecting anything great.. but totally wrong in my expectations. IT WAS HILARIOUS!!! Of course I think my siblings crying from laughing so hard just added to the funny parts. BUT seriously, it is a must see movie. We quote it all the time. All through November and December I kept saying "I really should buy that for myself for Christmas"... little did I know that all of my siblings were fighting over the purchased copy of the movie and who was going to give it to me for Christmas :) My sister won and surprised me with the movie on Christmas morning. I have watched it with Caden at least 8 times since Christmas. I never cease to laugh.. I am obsessed.

Christmas Presents


I love smoothies, and since Christmas I have used my Blendtec almost every day. I love experimenting around with fruits and juices to create the perfect blend. My favorite smoothie so far has been my strawberry, banana, passion fruit smoothie.

Instructions {for 1 smoothie}
1 banana
6-8 large frozen strawberries
1-2 cups of Kerns passion fruit juice
very small scoop of ice cream (optional)

I taste it and see if it needs more juice or strawberries or banana. The ice cream takes away from the healthy side of it, so I usually don't add it.. but it sure adds a little creamy sweet kick ;) I make it almost every day and share it with Caden.. he even pulls out the passion fruit juice from the fridge and asks me to make the "JUICE". We love it... and we're obsessed.



For anyone who doesn't know what sudoku is you should definitely look it up, and anyone who knows what sudoku is and has never played it.... shame on you! It is the greatest mind game on paper ever invented. There are so many things I love about this game. It is pure logic.. no guessing, there is a correct answer for every empty square. It makes me think.. talk to myself. It feels good to make my brain work. When I was in high school and college I always completed the sudoku puzzles in the newspaper, it drove me nuts waiting for the paper the next day to check my answers! I was walking through the mall a couple of weeks ago and one of the bookstores was closing. I looked through what was left in the store, a few good books.. and a SUDOKU CALENDAR! You know the kind you tear off every day? Well it has been something to look forward to every day.. I get to complete a puzzle then tear it off and wait for the next day! Brilliant.. I'm obsessed



This is something my mom would be surprised to hear. I have never liked lucky charms or marshmallow mateys. If it was the only cereal left in the house and I had to eat it, I made sure to pick out every last marshmallow. I hated the texture, hard, chalky, grit on your teeth... it made me cringe. When we went down to babysit in January this was the main cereal they had in the cupboard. I decided to give it a shot since I really hadn't tried it for 2 years. I LOVED it! Shocking! I really really loved it! The entire family sized bag was gone by the end of 10 days, and I will admit it was mostly My and Cadens doing. Now I am totally obsessed!

marshmallow mateys


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