this is me.

here are 40 random things about me.

...... and GO!

1. i am the oldest child in my family

2. i am part Scottish {dunno how big of a part}

3. i make lists constantly.. i have to or i forget things

4. i am terrified of squishing any bug {i get the shoe and stand over it... and I CAN'T DO IT!!!}

5. i want 4-5 kids {depending on how many boys/girls I get}

6. i am semi-allergic to chocolate

7. i sleep on my stomach. pregnancy was a nightmare in the sleep department

8.  i hate milk on my cereal, i always poor it off of my spoon before i eat it {it makes me gag when i
hear people slurp their cereal off their spoon full of milk.. i'm gagging thinking about it}

9. i have permanent eyeliner

10. i graduated high school with a 3.985 gpa {stupid psychology teacher gave me an A- by .03%... still bitter}

11. my ideal family would be 2 boys and 3 girls, in that order

12. i was born in Provo, Utah

13. i don't like wearing lipgloss

14. i L.O.V.E. bubble gum flavored trident

15. i collected anything to do with frogs from the time i was 11 till i was 13. i have quite a handsome collection ;)

16. i have only been out of the U.S. once, to cuauhtemoc: chihuahua mexico

17. my cat's name is kakini which means socks in hawaiian {she lives at my parents house}

18. i've always dreamed of being a tornado chaser {you know the movie "twister"? ya.. i wanted to be that kind of tornado chaser}

19. i hate wearing foundation or powder on my face. HATE. i will only wear concealer

20. i haven't been on an airplane since i was 8 {so... 13 years ago} i'm kinda scared of flying now

21. i prefer sewing without a pattern {patterns confuse me}

22. my favorite clothing store would be the banana republic outlet in park city

23. i pick at my split ends all the time, nervous habit or something

24. i have 37 first cousins

25. math was my favorite subject in school

26. i have REALLY curly hair

27. i'm anti-pharmaceutical drugs {i like the natural stuff}

30. i love cranberry juice

31. i have driven cross country 7 times {well.. been driven in a car or bus}

32. i bit my nails till i was 12

33. biologe fortify is the best shampoo i've ever used

34. i have moved 14 almost 15 times {don't believe me? I'll list the moves in order for you: Provo, Farmington, State College, Bountiful, Farmington, State College, Elkheart, Farmington, Elkheart, Farmington, Pleasant Grove, Springville, Orem, Alpine... and in 2 weeks we'll be moving to Pleasant Grove}

35. i am a very grumpy morning person

36. i met my husband when i was 16

37. i am really good at making dry ice bombs

38. someday i want to have a wood shop of my own to build and refinish furniture

39. i like cake better without frosting

40. i only wear mac eyeshadow


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