hit and miss

I honestly wonder if this ever happens to anyone else. You go to the mall in "need" of some cute outfit.. only to be completely disappointed and find nothing that you like. Then, when you are just randomly at the mall killing time, window shopping... you find the PERFECT outfit! I swear it happens to me all the time. Maybe its just me?

I find myself shopping mostly at the same stores.. the ones where I always find cute clothes. Banana Republic {clearance section}, American Eagle, Buckle {for jeans and jackets}... yada yada yada. I tend to avoid those "hit and miss" stores, I hate feeling disappointed after spending 15 minutes looking through a store. My #1 hit and miss store = Forever 21. I would say 75% of the time I look through that store.. I find Nothing. BUT those glorious times when I find something.. It's not only something I like.. but something I love!

Today was one of those days.. quick stop at the mall to find Caden some shorts, wandering through a few stores... and BAM! jackpot! I found so many things at Forever 21 that I loved. Here are a few of my favorite items from todays find.

Love florals and birds for the spring. LOVE this cardigan.. just LOVE!



This = me {my kind of style}. I love, love, love this belt.. I love this outfit..


One thing I will always love about Forever 21 are the prices. Very affordable. 

Each of these outfits put together for $45.00

Just thought I'd share. There are cute clothes at Forever 21 right now! But then again, maybe no one else has the same problem I do? ;)


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