I found Caden's diet a hard thing to stay on top of. It has always been easy for me to make him easy mac, give him some crackers or hand him a bottle of milk when he was hungry. I tried to feed him fruits and vegetables. But it wasn't easy. He would spit a lot of them out and it was a lot of work force it on him. I knew I shouldn't take the easy road, but I didn't really understand why. I gave him foods he shouldn't have been eating, things that had no nutritional value and were bad for him. But I didn't understand what it was really doing to his body.


"As parents, we want what is best for our children. We would never intentionally harm them. In fact, we make sure to get them the best care we know, read to them at bedtime and insist they wear their seatbelts, but when it comes to children and food, somehow we don’t know what is the best thing to do. Our children seem finicky and only eat cheese, pasta, chicken fingers or milk and cookies. At the same time, we notice that they are frequently ill. They suffer from recurring ear infections, runny noses, stomachaches and headaches. We note their symptoms and haul them in to the doctor, who prescribes yet another round of antibiotics. All this is normal for children —right?


This scenario may be “normal” for kids today, but it is not normal for humans or any other species of animal that eats nutrient-rich natural foods designed by nature for that particular species. Scientific research has demonstrated that humans have a powerful immune system, even stronger than other animals. Our bodies are self-repairing, self-defending organisms, which have the innate ability to defend themselves against microbes and prevent chronic illnesses. This can only happen if we give our bodies the correct raw materials. When we don’t supply the young body with its nutritional requirements, we see bizarre diseases occur. We even witness the increasing appearance of cancers that were unheard of in prior human history.

Despite our very best intentions, today there are dangers that well-meaning parents inflict on their children without even being aware of it. Certainly, people like you and me would never mean to do anything other than the best for our children, but every day in small ways, we may well be causing harm to their precious little bodies. How does this happen? Through the choices we make every day in
what we decide to feed them."

- Dr. Fuhrman

We have recently been struggling with some digestive and intestinal problems that Caden is having. The effect of having too much white sugar and white flour has caused him to be sick and have a few yeast infections over the past month. We are completely changing our eating habits: fruits and vegetables, whole wheat, very little dairy, very little meat and minimal to no sugar. My biggest struggle has been forcing Caden to eat the things I fix. You never realize how many things contain white sugar and white flour until you can't eat them anymore! I grew up eating a very healthy diet, whole wheat bread, fruits and vegetables from a garden, very little sweets.. my parents did a good job teaching me to eat well. I never realized how hard their job really was, they forced me to eat things I didn't always like. And now I have to force Caden to eat things he REALLY doesn't like. I hate to see him cry and beg for the food he can't eat. It brings me to my breaking point every day. But I have to do what is best for him even if he doesn't like it or understand it.

This book has really helped me through this trying time. It has educated me and helped me understand what those bad foods were really doing to Caden's body. It has helped me learn how to feed him. What foods to avoid and what his body needs. How to get him to eat the fruits and vegetables his body needs. I know I'm not the only person who struggles with feeding their child a healthy diet. This book will help. I'm still not finished reading it, but every bit I've read has helped me.

The reviews on this book are phenomenal. Dr Fuhrman explains and teaches the following in his book.

- how to prepare your home for eating healthfully before making the shift
- why "three meals a day" is a recipe for failure when it comes to feeding kids right
- why focusing on quality, not quantity, is the key to healthy eating
- why "consistent but not perfect" is more effective than 100% "compliance"
- when and where it's OK to compromise
- how to teach your kids never to "diet"
- how to reform the picky eater

I would recommend this book to anyone. Change your lifestyle. Eat healthier. Live better. 

Thanks to all my friends and family who are helping me learn and change. I couldn't do it without the support.


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