Desk and Coat Hanger {Makeover}

This project has been a long time coming. Taylor and I spotted this desk at a garage sale last October and ended up buying it for 10$! It was dirty and worn, and really old. I kept it in the garage all winter just waiting for a warm weekend to give it a new look. I finally pulled it out over conference weekend and refinished it.



Taylor's office was getting rid of some of their decor and unwanted furniture pieces in preparation for a big office move. They called me to come over and see if I wanted any of it. Jackpot! I snagged this coat hanger and a huge clock for the wall. The coat hanger would make a perfect addition to our bedroom, so I decided to refinish it at the same time as the desk.


For my first attempt at refinishing furniture..... I think these turned out pretty darn good! My brother was a huge help with the sanding and painting. I antiqued both pieces and left the same hardware on the drawers of the desk.. I think they suit the look I was going for very well. We were able to tighten and repair a few things in the desk that made it sturdier than it already was. I had a piece of sheet glass  cut to cover the top and now I have a perfect desk for my computer!!!



This coat hanger turned out so much better than I was expecting. I love the cabriole legs. The detail of the entire base was so fun to work with and antique.



I think I've definitely found a new hobby. The great thing is, refinishing furniture is so much cheaper than buying or building something new, AND it's so fun to see the finished product. I have 4 more refinishing projects looming ahead.. a white bunk bed, a yellow coffee table, a blue chair and a mirror frame! I'm hoping to get the bunk bed finished this week, but we'll see........


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