Curtain Inspiration

oh curtains {sigh}... I am not good at just making them up... or following a pattern. I need to be inspired by something amazing, and easy. I have a folder on my computer of all the pictures that have sparked or inspired ideas. Maybe one of these days I'll post all of them so you can see what projects are to come ;)

I found this curtain online about a year ago.. I don't remember the site?
Well I fell in love with them. I knew I had to have them in my house someday.


I spotted the fabric at Jo Annes about a month ago and since it was on clearance I bought plenty to make the curtains! They were super easy.. I sewed the top over just enough to fit the curtain rod through and folded the edges over twice and sewed it. The ties... I just took an old sheet and tore it up into strips and sewed them down the middle to create a tube, then i folded the ends in and sewed it shut! easy. easy. easy. They turned out just like I had hoped!

my curtains

 I'm working on the final touches in the second bedroom.. the ex-orange room. I have found this site so inspiring: I love all her ideas. I love her style. I just love everything on her blog. The wall color in this picture is almost identical to the color we painted over the orange in that room. I love it more and more every day! I could seriously paint my whole house this color.

I love this curtain. I love that it looks so light and airy. It is a 100% linen fabric. I'm pretty sure it is an oatmeal color. I ordered fabric online a few days ago and I can't wait to get started on this project. I am still undecided on the ties at the top? I like how thin these are, but I think they would also look cute thick.



What ties do you think would look better?


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