Et cetera. Et cetera. Et cetera.

Where did April go? Seriously!? It seems like Christmas was last week, and now it's May and Summer will be here soon! I can't wait for summer.

Caden is getting so big! Every day I am amazed at how fast he's growing up. He needs to freeze in time for a little bit... I'm not ready for him to be a big boy :( He's starting to talk more. He says the funniest things. Here are a few of his frequent phrases:

"New Oush" new house

"Mama Bawnee" mama band-aid. Haha, this one is so funny.  Every time he gets hurt he looks at me and says "mama bawnee!"

"Mama More Nana" oh how he loves bananas.. we eat at least 3 a day.

"Ide Park!" outside park. He loves to go down the slide, sit in the swings, play basketball.. you name it. I love having a park right outside to play at.

"Raaar Veevee" or "Vroom Veevee" (veevee = movie) I'm not kidding when I say we were watching Madagascar 2 at least twice a day. I finally went to the store this last week to get a new movie for him. I held up 2 movies for him to choose from: Bugs Life and Finding Nemo... and guess which one he picked........... There sitting on the shelf behind his 2 choices, he pointed and said "Vroom Veevee!". CARS. I added it to his other 2 choices and he didn't even think twice about which one he wanted. Ha. I should have just bought him all 3. I'm already getting sick of watching Cars. But he loves it!

Lately whenever he poops he will run in the bathroom and grab a very large handful of toilet paper, pretend to wipe himself (over his clothes) and put it in the toilet and flush it. I don't know how much toilet paper this kid has wasted.. I need to put the toilet paper up so he can't reach it. He brushes his teeth 3-4 times every day. He brings his toothbrush and toothpaste out to me and ask me to help him. I'm not worried about him having any cavities. He says everyone's names on both sides of the family now. It's so cute. I'll randomly hear him talking to himself just saying everyone's names.. He'll repeat them over and over. I love his sweet little voice. Taylor's Family: Poppy, Mee Mee, Wree (triest), Wrosssssss (ross), Babe (gabe), Maaaaad (maddy), Bryce (bryce - he says this one perfectly), Britta Britta (britton). My Family: Papa, Nana, Ane (lane), A (rachel or ray), Gar Gar (jarom or jare jare), Be (ben, he say it with a soft e), Nanny (nanny - he says this one perfectly as well). He's a handful. He's so sweet and such a good kid. But by the end of the day I'm exhausted to say the least. I love him so much. I'm so lucky to be his mama.

Life has been really kind of crazy lately. I get overwhelmed when I think about everything I've been working on over the past few weeks and the things on my to do list ahead. I am slowly checking things off my list of projects. But the list seems to get longer and longer every day.


rearranged our bedroom
made curtains for the master bedroom
painted frames for the kid bathroom
edited pictures to be printed

.... wow, I really felt like I accomplished a lot more last week... guess not.

To Do:

finish painting the bunk bed
find a lamp table to refinish
refinish the coffee table
refinish a chair
make curtains for the second bedroom
paint the second bedroom
print pictures to hang
decorate the kitchen and family room
paint the 2 chairs for the deck
sew cushion covers for the 2 chairs.

I really need to finish the bunk bed this week. Once that is done I can paint the room and move the mattresses back in, and get all the decorations out of the hall. But every time I think about going in and finishing it.... I get a bolder in my stomach! It is going to take forever. It's huge. I need help. {sigh} maybe I'll get it done this week.. or maybe I won't.

The weather seriously needs to warm up. I'm getting sick of mid 50-60's weather. I am ready to go out in a t-shirt and shorts! I have 3 photography sessions waiting on the weather.. hopefully this week will prove to be a little warmer and sunny. We'll see. I can't wait for our pool to open! Only 28 days!

I got called to be the Ward Girls Camp Director. YES! I have been teaching the 5-year-olds in primary for the last 3 years! No offense to 5-year-olds.. but I am ready to have a calling that doesn't consist of babysitting for 2 hours on Sundays. Camp is the end of July. It's coming up really soon! I feel kind of overwhelmed. We only have 12 young women in our ward, and only 7 are going to girls camp.. so I don't have to worry much about numbers. And we're doing girls camp at a stake level. So that takes some weight off my shoulders. It will be really fun. I'm really excited to get started on planning and preparation. I love camping. I love young women. I love the outdoors. This is the perfect calling for me. 

Lets see.. can I think of any more random stuff going on in my life...

Well actually.... yes. But I won't bore you ;)

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