Paint and Labor

I am starting to feel better about my to do list. I've crossed off my two biggest projects! I haven't taken pictures of the bedroom or bunk bed yet {Taylor took the pleasure of making a huge mess in the room.. which I get to clean up}.. so pictures will come soon, but for now you'll just have to wait and wonder ;)

For my Mothers Day gift Taylor took me paint shopping and volunteered to labor away on the dreaded orange room!
He is the best!

I decided on a light shade of gray. I wanted the room to feel really open and bright.. but not plain white. The color is called Gray Owl click Here to see the color swatch. So just imagine this room in that color ;)

condo before

The bunk bed turned out better than I was expecting.. really it looks pretty amazing. Other news: We got a washer and dryer finally! Don't laugh.. ok.. well maybe you can laugh. I did. Taylor found an old whirlpool set for a really great price. But when I say old, I mean old. Haha.. but they work great! That's all that matters, right? I won't be showing them off to anyone, that's for sure ;) They look something like this set.. not exactly.. I think our set is probably older.. but you get the idea.


I feel like the blogging world has been kind of dead lately :( I want to know what everyone is up to!


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