{22 Month Pictures}

I finally had some time to get these pictures edited. I can't believe he's almost 23 months. He is growing up way too fast for his Mama's liking. Guess it's time to start planning his birthday party for next month!

He's such a sweet and silly boy. I love how funny he is getting, he makes me laugh all day long. I love this age. I just love this boy.









my little brother

He always hated it when I called him that.. "little brother." Ah, he used to tell me "It's younger brother, younger brother.. not little brother" Haha. I must have made him feel small or something. We were always best friends growing up. We made messes like you wouldn't believe. Seriously.. One time, when we were probably 6 and 4, we grabbed my moms colored sugar used for decorating cakes or sugar cookies.. We pulled our beds off the box springs and sprinkled the green sugar all over the beds, box springs and the carpet. Then we went and filled 2 spray bottles with water and sprayed the green sugar until it bled and stained everything. I can only imagine the way my mother felt. You don't want to know how I would have reacted to something like that. She was so patient and gentle with us.. haha, we really didn't deserve it most of time. I remember watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with Him. He would always run behind the couch and peek over just enough that you could see his wide eyes, every time the kidnapper came on the screen! Haha. We made up so many fun games, we would play pride rock with our huge bin of plastic animals. He would play barbies with me and I would pitch baseballs to him. We always shared and always got along. Our relationship never changed from the time we were kids. I couldn't wait for him to come to high school when I was a senior. We ran with the same group, he was friends with my friends and I was friends with his. We swam together on swim team, He was much better than me. We studied together and hung together on weekends. We were always there for each other. We were always best friends.

He's been gone for 152 days now. It seems like I haven't seen him forever, but it seems like he left just yesterday. I miss him. I miss talking to him about everything. A letter once a week just doesn't cut it sometimes. He is doing such a great job, learning an extremely difficult language, teaching the people of Lithuania. He is such a great missionary. I admire him so much. I am so proud of him. I am amazed at how much he is growing and changing every week. He is such a great example.

I love you Lane, you will always be my best friend and little brother.

{photo taken on the beach of Klaipeda Lithuania}


the glowing orange room {MAKEOVER}

This is the room we've all been waiting for... right?

Anyone who saw this room in it's glowing orange stage had something to say about it. The most common reaction was "WHOA HA!" It was always a shocker! I think the only person who actually liked the color was my sister.. go figure! Taylor bought me paint and volunteered his time as my Mothers Day gift and we tackled this huge project! It was well worth the time and effort.. cause it turned out perfectly.

condo before

The other big part to this room was the bunk bed makeover. Taylor's parents offered us a log bunk bed that they no longer needed for their house.. and while I don't want my house to end up looking like a log cabin.. it was such a great offer! We weren't about to pass up free furniture! I wasn't sure what I would do with it.. should I paint it or leave it? I didn't know what would be better. After finishing the desk and coat hanger I realized refinishing furniture wasn't as hard as I was expecting. We used the left over paint we had from our previous projects and painted the bunk bed the same color. It was a lot of work. I couldn't have done it without some help from my man.. thank you so much hun! We sanded, primed and painted the beast until it was beautiful and white.

This is the color the bunk bed was before we painted it.
 ah... this room feels dreamy to me. I love the coastal feeling of white and gray. This is my heaven.
Although it is a long way from being finished, when it's done I'm sure this will be my favorite room in the house.

gray room

I bought this adorable lamp table at a refinished furniture yard sale for $30.00! Yes, I am serious! Their furniture was SO cute and way affordable. I will be hitting their sale every spring and fall!


Did you spot the bird cage above? I spray painted it white.. and now it is beautiful!

yard sale finds

Here is the lamp from my last yard sale adventure. The shade got a perfect makeover.
yard sailing

I like burlap in small doses, I mostly like the texture it added to this lamp. I watched a few tutorials online for covering lamp shades. Then pulled out my hot glue gun, a needle and tread.. and covered this baby in 15 min. The flower.. well let's just say I had no idea what I was doing. I love how it turned out, but I don't think I could duplicate it.


The curtains are a work in progress as well. They will end up looking something like this. But I'm going to make 2 panels so they can pull to either side of the window. I can't wait to get them done!


I've had this picture in my "decorating ideas folder" on my computer for a while. Now I have the perfect room for this project. For now this is just a guest room, but when we have another kiddo or Caden grows out of his crib, this will become his bedroom. So I have to add things to make it his big boy room! I love this idea, and I wish I knew who it came from cause I would totally give them the credit. I am slowly gathering the letters and I can't wait to get them painted and hung!


gray room

On Memorial Day we went to the Gateway mall with Taylor's cousin Tacy and her husband Danny. I forced a stop at Anthropologie.. the boys, of course, didn't join us. I love this store, but it is way over priced. Maybe someday I will have money to shop there... maybe? I love their ideas, I love their style. It's very inspiring. I fell in love with this bedding while we were there. Unfortunately it is $189 for a twin duvet cover.. and I need 2! So I am trying to decide if I want to attempt duplicating this on my own. It doesn't look too difficult.. it would take a lot of time.. but it would take this room to the next level! ah, we'll have to see. Currently we have sheets, a down comforter and fleece blankets on each bed. That will have to do for now!



I think I could duplicate this...... it's just for a twin bed?



The Pink Poo Poo

Last Monday we hit Nicklecade for some fun. With all 100 tickets we won, we decided to get a whoopie cushion. We thought Caden might get a kick out of it and it could provide some serious entertainment for all 3 of us. Here is our first attempt at using it. Caden thought it was hilarious and now he calls it the "Pink Poo Poo". Once he learned to use it on his own  he constantly asked us to blow it up for him. Now it has air leaks all over and bite marks from him trying to blow it up himself. We will have to save our nickles for another trip to the arcade so we can get a new pink poo poo ;)



A Little Teaser Picture

22 months

I will definitely claim this cutie ;)

I finally got out to take pictures of my little man.. it's been what..??? 6 months since I did a real photo shoot with him! I'm horrible. Oh, come on.. I'm busy! I will have several more pictures to share once I get around to editing them! I love his feet.. I think I've said that publicly a million times.. but seriously! Aren't they the cutest feet?



Peek Inside {Nursery & Master Bedroom}

Now that I finally have a leg up on decorating our house I thought I would let you take a peek inside!

the nursery

I am still in love with the color of this room. I would love to have a laundry room painted this color.. it's so bright and fresh! If you haven't seen the before pictures of this room click HERE. I finally went and got some prints done for the cute teal frames around the nursery. I don't know why I waited so long? I got all the frames from D.I. for .50 cents a piece.. good deal eh? I just painted them with left over acrylic paint from the chandelier.. Super easy and cute! I'm still undecided on curtains for this room. I really love the framing around the window and I don't want to take away from it by adding curtains. I don't know.. Any thoughts? I am also still deciding on the wall space above the changing table as well. I have a huge frame that I might paint and get a mirror cut for.. but I'm not sure yet. So for now this is what we have!







the master bedroom

I love our room. I love the color. I love the vaulted ceilings. I love the window placement. I could go on and on. This room is a combination of new things and old things, great finds and a new coat of paint. The desk and coat hanger I refinished are on either side of the room. The dresser is on the wall next to our bathroom door. The curtains were made by yours truly. And there are many other great finds scattered around the room. I still haven't decided what to do with the ledge above the bathroom door, or the wall next the desk... but we'll get there. I also need to paint the chair at the desk sometime, I'm thinking black or red? We'll have to wait and see!

master bedroom

master bedroom


master bedroom



Bubble Oodles

I don't know about the rest of the moms and tots out there.. but we LOVE to blow bubbles!

Caden can entertain himself for a very long time with his bubble set. I strip him down to a diaper, grab a book to read and go sit out on the deck several times a day to blow bubbles. I bought this Gymboree bubble set last Summer at the baby expo in Sandy. I saved it for a Christmas present since Caden wasn't old enough to really enjoy bubbles before then. Turns out.. it was a great investment! I love this system. You pour a little bit of solution in the yellow cup and dip the bubble wand in. The long tube keeps the solution away from his mouth so he doesn't end up eating it. It's super easy for him to use and it makes TONS of little bubbles. We love it. It's a great way to keep my boy entertained. Now that summer is here I thought some other mama's out there might be interested! You can find them online at under Play & Music Toys, Books & CDs. They are called Bubble Ooodles!



Happy Summer! 
I can't wait for the high 80's weather this weekend! We'll be swimmin' every day!