Bubble Oodles

I don't know about the rest of the moms and tots out there.. but we LOVE to blow bubbles!

Caden can entertain himself for a very long time with his bubble set. I strip him down to a diaper, grab a book to read and go sit out on the deck several times a day to blow bubbles. I bought this Gymboree bubble set last Summer at the baby expo in Sandy. I saved it for a Christmas present since Caden wasn't old enough to really enjoy bubbles before then. Turns out.. it was a great investment! I love this system. You pour a little bit of solution in the yellow cup and dip the bubble wand in. The long tube keeps the solution away from his mouth so he doesn't end up eating it. It's super easy for him to use and it makes TONS of little bubbles. We love it. It's a great way to keep my boy entertained. Now that summer is here I thought some other mama's out there might be interested! You can find them online at under Play & Music Toys, Books & CDs. They are called Bubble Ooodles!



Happy Summer! 
I can't wait for the high 80's weather this weekend! We'll be swimmin' every day!


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