my little brother

He always hated it when I called him that.. "little brother." Ah, he used to tell me "It's younger brother, younger brother.. not little brother" Haha. I must have made him feel small or something. We were always best friends growing up. We made messes like you wouldn't believe. Seriously.. One time, when we were probably 6 and 4, we grabbed my moms colored sugar used for decorating cakes or sugar cookies.. We pulled our beds off the box springs and sprinkled the green sugar all over the beds, box springs and the carpet. Then we went and filled 2 spray bottles with water and sprayed the green sugar until it bled and stained everything. I can only imagine the way my mother felt. You don't want to know how I would have reacted to something like that. She was so patient and gentle with us.. haha, we really didn't deserve it most of time. I remember watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with Him. He would always run behind the couch and peek over just enough that you could see his wide eyes, every time the kidnapper came on the screen! Haha. We made up so many fun games, we would play pride rock with our huge bin of plastic animals. He would play barbies with me and I would pitch baseballs to him. We always shared and always got along. Our relationship never changed from the time we were kids. I couldn't wait for him to come to high school when I was a senior. We ran with the same group, he was friends with my friends and I was friends with his. We swam together on swim team, He was much better than me. We studied together and hung together on weekends. We were always there for each other. We were always best friends.

He's been gone for 152 days now. It seems like I haven't seen him forever, but it seems like he left just yesterday. I miss him. I miss talking to him about everything. A letter once a week just doesn't cut it sometimes. He is doing such a great job, learning an extremely difficult language, teaching the people of Lithuania. He is such a great missionary. I admire him so much. I am so proud of him. I am amazed at how much he is growing and changing every week. He is such a great example.

I love you Lane, you will always be my best friend and little brother.

{photo taken on the beach of Klaipeda Lithuania}


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