Lazy Summer Days

yes I'm back! and YES I survived the last 2 insanely busy weeks! I am so glad to be home and have nothing planned for the rest of my summer. We will probably be at the pool every day for the next month! I have a lot to catch up with right now, but I am really feeling lazy and I just want to lay around, read, and play with Caden. So I'll get around to girls camp and birthdays... but you might have to wait for a week or so ;)

To keep you entertained I thought I'd share some random stuff:
This is the story.of.my.life. I just finished my 7th load of laundry in 2 days... and now it's time to fold!


The natural wavy hair is definitely in style right now. I never thought I'd live to see the day when I would choose my natural waves over doing it straight or curled. It is really starting to grow on me! I have worn my hair wavy every day but two over the last three weeks. Crazy, I know. It's so convenient to just let it dry after a shower! I am finally starting to appreciate having natural waves.


I also never thought I'd live to see the day that I would own a pair of skinny jeans. I have tried on skinny jeans occasionally over the last two years, and every time I've hated the way I look in them. It took my best friend forcing me to buy a pair to realize that I can pull it off! AND I really LOVE the way the way they look! I have a pair of dark blue and light gray skinnys. I just bought a pair of charcoal Jeggings {jean leggings} they are SO cute. Now I'm on the hunt for a pair of aqua blue skinny jeans and I think my collection will be complete!


I go through phases with nail polish.. most of the time I stick with the seasonal colors and paint my nails a different color every week. I don't usually like the super bright "HOT" colors. But I can't get over this Flirty Fuchsia polish. It's been on my toes for the last month. I will probably use the entire bottle by the end of the summer!


I can't stop eating strawberries. Caden and I have gone through at least 5 clamshells of strawberries over the last month. Mmmm yummy! Every time I go to do laundry it looks like someone sprayed all of Caden's shirts with red food coloring! Thank goodness for boiling water.


Now, I'm not usually much of a reader. It's not that I don't like reading.. I really do like reading. I think it's more a matter of finding time to read. There are so many other things I'd rather do than read. After seeing the previews for Harry Potter 7, I decided I've put off my "must read" list for too long. I'm behind the TIMES! So here we go!

I am sad to say I haven't finished the Harry Potter series yet. I loved 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.... then I never took the time to read 6 or 7. I'm almost half way through the Half-Blood Prince, and I'm loving it!

harry potter book cover

I have to finish the 7th book before the movie comes out! So this is definitely next in line.


I have heard nothing but "amazing" about the Hunger Games series! These are a must read.. my pile is already getting enormous!


I've been wanting to read Angles and Demons since my Junior year in high school. I loved the Da Vinci Code, It sits at my top 5 favorite books. So I have to read the other books written by Dan Brown. So after Hunger Games I have Angles and Demons, then The Lost Symbol.



Taylor and I must be a funny sight sitting next to each other in bed at night with a different book in our lap. I'm not sure he'll be able to find enough books to keep up with me! Maybe he'll just steal the book I'm trying to read... it wouldn't be a first!


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