The 4th of July is possibly one of my top favorite holidays. Family, sun, food, rodeos, fireworks... It's just so fun! I am truly grateful to be a part of this great nation. This year's 4th was definitely one of my favorites {the fact that it was practically a 4 day celebration kind of added}. The HIGHLIGHT of this holiday is always the rodeo. We missed the Oakley rodeo last year.. which was pretty devastating.. Seriously! I look forward to that rodeo for months! I was so excited to be back on track again this year! The Oakley rodeo is by far the best rodeo I've ever attended.. the cowboys are great, the clowns are hilarious, and the atmosphere is so patriotic. We got totally geared up, bought Caden a cowboy hat {which he has to wear every day now}, packed our bags and pillows and drove to Oakley!



What a stud.. he is the CUTEST little cowboy I've ever seen! His face totally lit up when he saw his aunt and uncles pull up in the car! Nanny dressed up with complete cowboy attire and guns for him and Caden to play with!





Well.. so much for a cute family picture, ya little stinker!


oh WAIT! There he is!



Rachel's chubby chipmunk cheeks 2 days after having wisdom teeth out! HA! I love you Ray


oh boy, OH BOY.. I'm pretty sure I'm married to the biggest hunk on the planet.
Poster size print PLEASE!




Caden was so focused on the "horsesss and moooo dows, and MEAN bulls"
It was so adorable. Every time one of the calves was being roped or bulldogged, he would get so worried and have this terrified look on his face! I had to reassure him every time that the baby cow was ok. Cute boy. He loved the Bronc and Bull riding, takes after his mommy!






I am so glad I captured this.. I was just taking a shot of him with the stings in his mouth. He had them in his mouth for most of the rodeo. But as I was taking the picture he decided he wanted the cowboy
hat off.. Only He didn't take the strings out of his mouth before tugging the hat off his head! It resulted in something like
"THE JOKER FACE." We were all dying as he was prying the hat off.


We would ask Caden "what does a firework say?"
"BA BANG! wow!"


After the rodeo we headed up to my Dad's family cabin. My Grandma and most of my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins joined us for the rodeo and cabin trip! Caden and I were the first ones asleep at about 11:30.. I'm pretty sure I heard people running around till at least 3:00 in the morning. Oh this family never sleeps. We started the morning off with french toast and wabash hash.. mmm yummy. My boy can pound french toast.. He usually scarfs 3-4 pieces of french toast in a sitting. He can out eat Me and Taylor!



After one ride on the 4-wheeler this boy was hooked. We would get off to let someone else take a turn and He would grab onto his helmet so we couldn't take it from him. He LOVED riding. He wanted to go again, and again... and again...... and AGAIN......... AND AGAIN! He couldn't get enough of it. While we were waiting between rides he went out and found one of the adult helmets, put it on, and walked into the cabin saying "cycle! CYCLE!" he was ready to ride again.. only.. his helmet wasn't on quite right. We all started laughing. His head would flop from side to side from the weight of the helmet. From the back and side it looked like his head was turned backwards. Ah, could he be any more adorable?




The three of us attempted a ride on the 4-wheeler. Half way through our ride, Caden's hands kept slipping off my wrists. I'd pick them up and tell him he needed to hold on! I couldn't hold onto him because I was driving. It kept happening over and over! I kept telling him "You NEED to hold on, you might fall off!" Next thing I know BAM, his head crashed forward! I quickly braked and lifted his head.. he was completely out! He must have been exhausted.. It scared me half to death! He slept the whole ride back and didn't wake up until we took the helmet off him! Hilarious!


The spray bottle made for quite the entertainment... he was completely soaked, and he soaked anyone who wasn't looking out.



OH! It works as a water bottle too!


He looks so stinkin cute in that little red helmet.




Let's go back and do it again! I love this time of year!
HAPPY 4th of July!


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