Pine Cone Model

Hello July! Where is the summer going? Life has been fun and super busy lately. I feel like I don't have time to breath! I wish the summer months weren't so busy and didn't go by so fast.. cause I'm going to miss them when they're gone.  Caden has loved every minute of the warm weather, we are at the park at least once a day. He loves to go swimming or go down to Nana and Papa's house to play in the sprinklers with Nanny and Ray. He is nice and sun kissed with a head full of BLONDE hair. He has cute little freckles on his scalp and a few on his face. His feet are always dirty, and his flip flop tan lines are getting darker every day. This boy is loving summer!

He is starting to talk a lot, he has only said 2 full sentences to me, but his vocabulary is growing quickly. A few weeks ago he came in the bedroom and asked me for "appow juish" I told him it was out on the table by the tv. A few minutes later he waltzed in the room and said "MAMA hewp me fine it!" what? did he just say a sentence to me! haha! I was shocked. It shouldn't have come as a surprise, he says "help me" and "find it" all the time. Yesterday we were eating lunch and I was eating some watermelon, he grabbed his fork, reached across the table and said "mama, i wan some." haha ok, watermelon coming right up! He is totally adorable. I love his cute voice and all the cute things he says. He makes me laugh all the time.

About a month ago, we were out at dinner and on our way back to the car Caden spotted a pine cone on the sidewalk. He squatted over it and looked totally confused. I told him it was a pine cone, and he could pick it up and bring it home. I looked over my shoulder in the car to see why he was being so quiet and he was completely enthralled with this pine cone.. He was examining it from every angle. When we went to get him out of the car seat he had hooked the pine cone on his shirt and said "dool" (cool) haha. He stared at himself in the mirror for a long time and thought he was lookin' pretty hott. What a goof. He even posed GQ style for the pictures with with the pine cone. I think he may just usher in this new style ;)



He has snack time just about the same time every day, right when I need to get ready.. if I get ready. He always has the same thing: Muffins, cut into quarters, in a bowl. A fork. A bib. And a sippy with Apple Juice. Most of the time he'll bring his snack into our room and eat on the floor by the bathroom so he can watch me get ready. He thinks the bib is so cool.


The other day I had Caden on my lap while I was on the phone, I needed to write something down and had a pen, but no paper. I just decided to write on my hand instead of getting up. Big Mistake. As soon as I was off the phone he pointed at my hand and seemed very interested in the writing. I have caught him at least 3 times since then drawing on himself. Yesterday was the worst by far. He had drawn everywhere. Between his toes, the backs of his legs, his elbow.. I think I need to put all my pens up high. At least he isn't drawing on his clothes or on the walls! I love that face of "uh oh... am I in trouble?" Mr. Tattoo Monster, you are too cute. 





The next three weeks are going to be pretty insane for me. I have the 4th year hike and a missionary farewell this weekend. Next week will be spent preparing for girls camp and planning birthday parties for my boys. Then girls camp, Then my brother's birthday party, then my boys birthdays, then my best friend's brithday.. AH and July will be gone! I have tons of cute pictures from the 4th of July weekend which I'm hoping I'll have time to get to next week.
wish me luck


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