i two!

He's two, TWO!!! When did this happen? I can't believe how fast he is growing up. It seems like I was just holding my little baby for the first time, and now he's all grown up! NOT FAIR

He is such a doll. He is talking so much now, He is constantly chattering. He talks to his toys, in bed, He'll sit on my lap and just talk and talk and talk. Half the time I spend trying to understand what is coming out of his mouth and he always responds "NO mama" then repeats what he just said. It usually takes me four or five times to get what he's saying right. He is a goof, adorable and so much fun. I love you Caden James, more than I can tell. 

His birthday fell on a Sunday this year... not much I could do about that. We had his favorite breakfast "onch toast". He enjoyed at least 2 pieces. We made cupcakes and let them cool during church. He spotted them as soon as we got home and thought he'd sneak one. I caught him right in action, but it was his birthday! LET HIM EAT CAKE! I asked him what color he wanted his frosting to be, can you guess...? BLUE! We have brainwashed our poor boy to love everything Blue and BYU. While he was taking his nap we blew up 50+ balloons, by mouth! Talk about lightheaded! We decorated and frosted cupcakes. He was so excited when he woke up to a blue house with TONS of balloons! I decorated one of our chairs special for him. He called it "my chair" for days after his birthday. My family came over for cake and presents that night. He blew out his candles all by himself! Must be the sign of a two-year-old. He got an overload of presents. I always leave the toy buying up to my mom. She somehow finds the toys Caden will love above all others. I have completely given up trying to compete! So I just stuck with clothes, puzzles and movies. He has found a true little boy love for Dinosaurs. He was so excited when he opened his glow in the dark "DINO NO" jammies. He would wear them day and night if they were always clean. He got Monsters Inc. which I believe I've seen over 50 times since his birthday. He loves it, more than I think he has ever loved any other movie. He talks about it constantly, and notices every little detail in the movie. Silly Boy. I am glad to have a new movie to watch with him. He loves all of his new toys. A choo choo whistle. A little cat you wind up and it does flips. But I think his favorite is the set of toy dogs that you can clean in the sink or bathtub. The spots on the dogs react to hot and cold. So when you wash the spots with warm water... they Disappear! Then when they cool down, the spots reappear. Caden will stand at his bathroom sink and wash them every day. "Mama, doggy bath. Dirty bye bye." I don't know where my mother finds these amazing toys. She has the charm.










A package of clothes was delivered a couple days after his birthday. All morning I told him the mail truck was going to bring him a birthday present. When the doorbell rang he was so excited to get the package waiting on the doorstep! He tried using my keys to open the tape, but he needed a little bit of help. He pulled everything out and ripped open the plastic. He loves getting new shoes, and getting 2 pairs of new shoes! He was oh so excited.




The balloon popping was more fun than any two-year-old should be allowed to have! 50 balloons! He popped every single one. A fork and a knife seemed to do the trick ;)


Happy Birthday Caden! 
I love you so much, I am so glad you are my little boy.


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