You know that thought running through your mind when you get sick? "I should be more grateful for my health.. I take it for granted." Well I don't think I've ever appreciated my ring finger enough.

A week ago I was cutting some bread to make toast for Caden, in a hurry, I wasn't being careful.. result = sliced fingertip! Sick right? I probably screamed loud enough for the little old lady on the bottom floor to hear! It was awful.. just awful. We rushed to the doctor and I got 4 stitches. My instructions were: keep a bandage on it for the first day, then take it off and don't get your finger wet unless you're washing your hands. My finger swelled so much that my ring was almost cutting off the circulation. This picture was taken before there was any bruising or swelling, but my finger ended up looking something like a purple sausage. My list of can't do's seems a mile long, everything from can't shower normal to can't pick Caden up. My left hand has basically been out of commission. I am typing this post with great difficulty ;) This week has been spent doing a lot of watching movies and reading.


I do have a lot to be thankful for:

- I happened to cut my finger while Taylor was home on his lunch break, he was supposed to head back to work 5 minutes after I cut my finger. I'm so glad he was home when it happened.

- We called my doctor and their sister clinic had an opening 5 minutes from the time we called. So we didn't have to pay for a trip to the emergency room.

 - Caden was so sweet and knelt down on the floor next to me while I was bawling. He patted my back and said "oday mama, oday mama". He was so well behaved through everything.

- I was also able to get the blood to clot quickly thanks to all the first aid I learned from girls camp.

- I am very lucky it was my left hand and not my right.

- It's also very lucky that it was my ring finger not my middle or pointer finger.

I'm getting the stitches out tomorrow morning. I'm hoping the skin will all heal well. I think I may lose the feeling in my fingertip permanently, But it's too early to tell. Bummer. I can't wait for it to get better. I have a ton of projects I would like to be working on. But they'll just have to wait.


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