the very next day...

There is really nothing but pluses for having Caden and Taylors Birthdays one day after the other. We can use the same decorations. The birthday shopping and wrapping gets done at the same time. They each get to feel special on their "own day" and It's a party for 2 full days at our house!

Taylor got nutella crepes bright and early before work on his birthday. Yummy :) After work we met up with my family at Honda Powerhouse to find a helmet for Taylor to wear on his new dirt bike. Can anyone say SPOILED? I have never heard the end of his motorcycle begging till now. Rules are: No freeway and Back roads only. I am terrified of him getting in an accident! Therefore the helmet was crucial! I think we all had a little too much fun trying on different helmets. And Caden was in heaven the minute he saw all the motorcycles. He wanted to sit on every single one. I heard him yelling from across the room at me "MAMA!! MAMA! LOOK!!!" He was pointing to the ceiling? I walked over and there hanging from the ceiling was a 4-wheeler. haha. He was amazed! It was, what he seemed to think, the coolest thing in the entire store. He stood there staring at it for a long time. Taylor found a nice full face black helmet, which looks very attractive on him ;)

My parents took us out to our favorite pizza joint for dinner. Brick Oven. Yum. It was kind of a 3 way celebration: Jarom, Taylor and Caden! The waitress thought we were joking when we said we have 3 birthdays to celebrate. It was delicious of course, and Monday night meant FREE rootbeer! They have the best rootbeer in the whole world! Their chocolate moose pie looked rather disgusting, but it tasted very good. We had a great time! At home we opened presents, Caden thought it was an extension onto his own birthday.. and wanted to open all of Taylor's presents. Then we made amazing fazookies {half baked chocolate chip cookies topped with vanilla ice cream, fudge and whipped cream} after Caden was asleep. It was quite day :) mmm. Fazookies sound good right now!











Happy Birthday Taylor!
I love you so much!


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